When we make a promise, we deliver

Our customers trust us with their most important physical and digital information. It’s a big responsibility—one all of us at Iron Mountain take very seriously—and it’s our number one priority. Security is central to who we are. Our charge to “protect customer information as if it were our own” is the cornerstone of our company’s mission and our core values.

Our commitment is ongoing and evolving with new tools and techniques to better safeguard the assets under our care. We make continual investments to secure our facilities and vehicles. We’re careful about the professionals we hire and how they’re trained.

In fact, we invest more than anyone else in our industry to protect your information. Over the last decade, we’ve spent approximately $170 million on transferring records out of acquired facilities that fell below our strict security standards as well as on upgrading others. In 2007, we invested more than $15 million outfitting our trucks with patented locks and alarms to protect information in transit. Also in 2007, we specially commissioned and funded a $1 million assessment of a fire control and suppression system for protecting hardcopy records.

At Iron Mountain, we’re proud of our commitment to security and our track record for reliability. We are committed to protecting your information.

We want you to have confidence and trust in choosing Iron Mountain. We’ve stored information for nearly 60 years and more than 95% of the Fortune 1000 relies on us. In 2008, Security Magazine named us one of the most secure companies in the United States.

We ensure this level of security by:

  • Investing in and utilizing proven security technology
  • Implementing multi-step procedural security checks at our facilities and in our transportation vehicles
  • Screening all job candidates against strict hiring guidelines, including intensive legal background checks
  • Providing extensive and consistent employee training
  • Employing third-party security audits by independent security firms to help detect weaknesses and further enhance our security culture

Iron Mountain’s Chief Security Officer, Jack A. Faer, his team and all of us at Iron Mountain strive to provide the most comprehensive security measures possible so you can rest assured your organization’s greatest assets are safe with Iron Mountain.