Creating Good Karma through CA-R-MA

Heidi Smith - Iron Mountain Like so many of her fellow Iron Mountain employees, Heidi Smith believes in the importance of giving back to her community. The account manager in Canada devotes many hours to various nonprofit activities in her area. But her love of animals has placed one organization particularly close to her heart: a non-profit organization called Cat Rescue Maritimes (CA-R-MA), which helps stray and feral cats find homes.

It all started three years ago when she fostered her first set of cats. After learning that they had been abandoned in an apartment building, she took them into her home, got them spayed and neutered and immunized through a local cat rescue organization called CA-R-MA, and took care of them until they were adopted. She continued working with CA-R-MA fostering cats, helping them find homes for animals, and assisting with fundraising events.

“Although we’re not able to help and save all of the them, just knowing that there are some that we are able to love and, ultimately, find a permanent home for, is really rewarding. And it’s wonderful knowing that we’ve had a hand in helping someone find a furry friend,” Heidi said.

Heidi also volunteers with the middle school youth group at her local church and provides meals for residents of various homeless shelters. She encourages everyone to find their own outlet – especially given the fact that the Iron Mountain Moving Mountains program supports employees’ involvement in their communities.

“I find it incredibly rewarding to step outside of myself and look at the needs of others,” she said. “It helps ground and center me, and when I stop and look at what other people are going through I realize that some of the things I’m facing are small in comparison.”