Protect Preserve And Manage Your Clinical And Business Data | Iron Mountain
Protect, Preserve,And Manage Your Clinical And Business Data

Multiple competing trends are making it difficult for healthcare organizations to manage the storage of their data. On the one hand, you have explosive data growth driven by such factors as Electronic Medical Record (EMR) adoption medical imaging, and other new modalities.

Unlock The Value Of Accounts Payable | Iron Mountain
Unlock The Value Of Accounts Payable

Our Electronic Invoice Solution provides you with an automated, paperless Accounts Payable workflow. Take Control. Manage by exception. Accelerate payment cycles. Using this cloud-based solution, you’ll avoid costly equipment and software expenses and burdening your IT department.

Optimizing Loan Collateral File Management

Mortgage lenders and Servicers must carefully safeguard the collateral documentation that supports their mortgage and loan portfolios to protect their interests – as well as protect lender and investors’ claims – should the borrower ever default during the lifecycle of a loan.

Making the Unpredictable Predictable
Making The Unpredictable Predictable: The Challenge Of Data Restoration

While technology news outlets tell stories of moving to the cloud, big data and cybersecurity threats, IT teams deal with the reality of an information-driven business world: the challenge of storing an ever-increasing amount of data. We have an insatiable desire to keep everything from email to spreadsheets, just in case we might need them in the future. While tape and hard drive storage costs continue to drop, the growth in data is far outstripping that rate.

What's the problem?
What's The Problem? Overcoming 4 Key Challenges in Data Privacy

Data Privacy Day is recognized internationally as a way to raise awareness of, and discuss solutions for, the growing problem of data privacy vulnerabilities. But every day should be Data Privacy Day. It’s essential for IT and business leaders to understand the full risk potential of data privacy threats and how to address these issues.

Data Integrity: Remediate Existing Data Gaps

Did you know 71% of companies could reduce their storage costs by 30% if only they knew which records could be defensibly destroyed? For legacy inventory, our unique Data Integrity service helps remediate your existing data gaps so you know which records are eligible for destruction.

Inventory Audit: Choose Your Way to Prove Compliance

Failing audit qualifications and facing regulatory actions are two of the top risks companies cite as concerns from a failure in information governance. Only Iron Mountain offers you choices for how you’ll prove compliance. You can show auditors proof of where your records are by verifying their location and physical security through either inventory audit method: physical scan or radio frequency identification, known more commonly as RFID.

Data Validation: Prevent Physical Records Inventory Issues

More than 83 percent of companies report they are unable to locate physical assets when needed, largely due to missing or ambiguous record descriptions. If you don’t have metadata, you don’t know what it is that you’re storing and that means you can’t retrieve it easily and make informed decisions about your inventory. For go-forward inventory, you can leverage Data Validation as a process to help prevent future inventory issues and drive better behavior through a system driven approach to apply metadata.