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What to Do Before You Digitize - A Checklist For Success

It makes good sense to digitize business processes that are clogged with paper. After all, fast and easy access to your information can speed up customer service, enhance document sharing and help people do their jobs more efficiently. But that doesn’t mean digitizing will be easy or automatically successful.

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5 Myths About Accounts Payable Automation Debunked

The economic downturn, tight credit, and declining margins have come together like a perfect storm, forcing companies to scrutinize their internal business processes as they seek ways to cut costs and bolster their bottom lines. Accounts Payable is no exception.

secure shredding
Secure Shredding Services

Iron Mountain offers a broad range of outsourced services to address the challenges of Records Management and help you control costs, reduce risks, improve access and protect your information at every stage — from origination to destruction.

Litigation Support glossary of Terms
Litigation Support glossary of Terms

Covering litigation support from A to Z. Designed to help you come up to speed quickly on key terms and concepts, this glossary is your source for the words and phrases most commonly used in the fields of litigation support and document management.

Top 5 Compliance Tips

To help your company lower its risk profile and boost audit and litigation readiness, we’ve developed a list of the top five things you can do today to make your information management practices a key contributor to ongoing compliance.

Records Management Best Practices Guide - Iron Mountain
Records Management Best Practices Guide

This 24-page Records and Information Management (RIM) Best Practices guide represents the collective experiences of hundreds of thousands of Iron Mountain customers — and more than 60 years of records management history.