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Health Information Management Solution

The seismic shifts across the healthcare industry are causing significant disruption. Costs are rising due to higher patient intake, and eHealth transformation initiatives such as EMR transition are increasing prices across your supply chain. Yet revenues, driven by shifts in funding reimbursements, are declining.

The Positive Effects of Information Managment - Iron Mountain Canada
The Positive Effects of Information Management

Evidence shows that in today’s business environment, most companies take a reactive approach to information management — choosing to implement the proper measures only after an event has revealed a weakness and created the need for improvement.

Maximize the Business Value of Your Information - Iron Mountain Canada
Maximize the Business Value of Your Information

In today’s world, information — whether in paper or digital format — is your company’s most important asset. One that’s vital to serving customers well, making sound business decisions, capitalizing on new opportunities, fulfilling regulatory mandates and more.

Cost-Effective, Legally Defensible Records Management
Records Management Services

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Since 1951, companies have trusted the employees of Iron Mountain to help them develop and implement their records management programs. Our leading source of new business is referral, customer retention is 98 percent, and our first customer is still with us. Today, over 120,000 organizations, including more than 95 percent of the Fortune 1000, partner with Iron Mountain. Whether you need secure and compliant offsite storage, management of active records, vital records protection, or migration from physical to electronic records, our expertise and integrated services can help.

Secure Media Management
Secure Media Management

With greater emphasis on enhancing privacy and security, meeting compliance regulations and proving chain of custody, the rules of offsite tape storage practices are undergoing significant change. To meet these emerging demands, you have likely found the need to implement access policies that account for larger volumes of media and exercise greater control over the movement and storage of your tapes. And of course, you need to achieve these goals while ensuring that all processes are executed as efficiently as possible.

secure shredding
Secure Shredding Services

Companies rely on Iron Mountain to help them meet the challenges of information management and security. By maintaining focus on the needs of our customers, we have developed a unique level of experience and expertise in secure, compliant information destruction.

Speed the Transition to an Electronic Environment - Iron Mountain Canada
Speed the transition to an electronic environment

Iron Mountain Document Management Solutions help you create a comprehensive, fully integrated document management program that gives you complete visibility and access to all your business records — where and when you need them. Our enhanced access and control can speed business processes and decision-making, improve customer service and support compliance requirements.

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Workflows that work

Emerging compliance requirements, the competitive value of information, and a growing awareness of the importance of privacy have raised the bar on what every company must do to protect information.

Data Center - Iron Mountain Canada
Iron Mountain Canada's Best In Class Data Centre

Iron Mountain’s industry leading data centre offers companies the capacity, expertise and flexibility to outsource their current server operations. The 1,000 sq. m. computer area is our largest in Canada and is supported by an expert staff and state-of-the art IT infrastructure.