Secure Shredding Services

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Cost-Effective, Convenient, Environmentally Responsible Information Destruction

Does This Sound Familiar?

“My vendor has to be reliable, responsive and easy to do business with.”

“Budgets are tight, and I need to reduce my costs in every area and with every vendor.”

“The office shredders are too slow, and our employees don’t have time to stand around shredding materials.”

“I don’t have the knowledge to do a deep dive into privacy laws and regulations. I’d like to find a vendor who is already an expert with high security standards and proven procedures and workflows.”

“I want to be a good steward of the environment. Being green is important to us.”

Complementary Services

Records Management. Iron Mountain offers a broad range of outsourced services to address the challenges of Records Management and help you control costs, reduce risks, improve access and protect your information at every stage — from origination to destruction.

Transitioning to Electronic Records. Migrating from paper to electronic records with Iron Mountain enables you to outsource scanning without removing files from secure storage. What’s more, our Image on Demand™ service keeps costs down by scanning only what you need, only when you need it.

A Trusted Partner

In an age of increasing risks of privacy breaches and identity theft, we provide a cost-effective, convenient and environmentally responsible way for you to destroy sensitive information, gain peace of mind and protect your business.


Predictable Costs. We offer a variety of shredding program options that meet your organization’s needs and budget. With a recurring shredding program, you’ll have predictable costs.

Time Saving. To help you focus more on your core business, we can save you the time and effort of destroying sensitive information on your own. No more wasting time standing at the shredder!

Convenient And Easy To Use

Setup and Support. Once you decide to work with Iron Mountain for document shredding, we will help you get up and running as quickly and easily as possible. We provide a Secure Shredding Implementation and Education Guide, which contains ready-made employee communications to promote the value of your new shredding program.

Iron Mountain Connect™. You’ll receive access to our online, self-service portal — Iron Mountain Connect — where you can manage your account 24x7 through our proprietary Shredding Center. This Shredding Center offers you convenient access to the information and services that are most meaningful to your shredding program. You can check your schedule, order additional shredding containers, access your Certificates of Destruction, and more.

You’ll save time and money with our convenient and innovative reports and tools. Detailed information regarding your shredding container usage and trend reports offer better visibility into and overall management of your secure shredding program.

Choice of Services

Offsite Shredding. Iron Mountain Offsite Secure Shredding is an ideal solution for the verified destruction of sensitive paper documents. This service incorporates proven standard operating procedures that ensure secure and reliable service.

Onsite Shredding. We designed this service for the immediate and witnessed destruction of sensitive materials on premises. Onsite shredding is a good option for the destruction of your copyrighted or royalty-based materials.

Special Projects Destruction. Iron Mountain provides Special Projects Destruction with the same level of security, consistency and reliability as our recurring services. You can work with the Iron Mountain team to schedule a destruction project today.

Reliable and Secure

Proven Workflows. To protect your company against privacy information theft and breaches, you need assurance that your documents are destroyed safely and securely. We have designed our operating procedures based upon many years of experience — enabling us to provide you with the most reliable, consistent and secure service.

  • Personnel. The key to information security is people. To earn your confidence, all Iron Mountain employees must pass comprehensive background checks. Employees also receive ongoing training to ensure performance and customer focus. Our people know they’re doing more than shredding your documents; they’re protecting your vital business assets.
  • Shredding Plants. Not all secure shredding facilities are created equal. In fact, some stand well above the rest by providing optimal levels of safety and security. With Iron Mountain’s facilities, you can rest assured that when your documents are with us, we take care of them as if they were our own.
  • InControl™. Our InControl solution protects documents in transit by combining patented security, real-time tracking and an auditable chain of custody to deliver a higher standard of information protection. As shredding collection containers are serviced at your location, InControl captures an audit trail including barcode ID, container volume and electronic signatures. An email receipt feature is also available if you require immediate confirmation for each order.

Environmentally Responsible

Iron Mountain shares your commitment to protecting the environment and our natural resources. After we securely destroy materials, we recycle all shredding output.

To demonstrate the environmental benefits of your secure shredding program, you can access your organization’s Green Report on Iron Mountain Connect, which shows the type and poundage of material you’ve recycled, as well as the amount of resources you’ve saved.

With our Secure Shredding services, recycling has never been so easy!