Iron Mountain Canada's Best In Class Data Centre

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A Benchmark in Physical and Logical Security

The data centre was designed and built to exceptionally high specification based on 99.999% system availability, as a former banking and e-commerce hub for a major Canadian national bank.

The centre is located 30 kms. from Toronto, and currently manages the information and data of some of Canada’s leading companies and organisations. The entire building is 3,200 sq. m. and houses 500 sq. m. for administrative and support areas, and 1,000 sq. m. of raised floor in four separate computer areas.

The fully air-conditioned computer areas are monitored by a dedicated staff of IT professionals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The latest safety, technology, and redundancy strategies have been amalgamated with leading-edge IT infrastructure to provide our customers with a facility that truly guarantees data continuity and security

The Data Centre employs Invensys® direct digital building monitoring system, which encompasses over 2,000 individual monitored devices (heating, cooling, water, air conditioning and ventilation).

External Security

The data centre itself is a standalone building. The single point of entry to the facility is controlled by a manned security office.

  • All windows are bullet-proof glass. All key points of the building are covered by a state-of-the-art intruder alarm.
  • Facility entrance and security areas are protected with bullet-proof glass;
  • All exterior walls are custom reinforced;
  • 24 X 7 manned security offices;
  • Card access control for multiple secure zones;
  • Video monitoring and image capture systems inside and outside the building;
  • Remotely operated truck bay capable of receiving a full size tractor trailer within a secure environment.

Internal Security

Inside the data centre, a security system comprising of networked video monitoring and image capture systems, access control and intruder detection ensures that your information is in the safest place it could be. Any breach of the security systems triggers immediate response from the security staff.

  • Proximity card readers control with a least privilege basis;
  • Computer area entry by mantraps, require first door closed before second door opening;
  • Around the clock monitoring by security personnel;
  • Access card usage is automatically logged by access control system.

Iron Mountain's Data Centre Embodies Our Core Values of Reliability And Security

Iron Mountain’s industry leading data centre offers companies the capacity, expertise and flexibility to outsource their current server operations. The 1,000 sq. m. computer area is our largest in Canada and is supported by an expert staff and state-of-the art IT infrastructure.

Uninterruptible Power

Power is provided by twin incoming main feeders from Hydro at 13,800 volts / 4,000 amps, each with multiple diverse routing from the hydro grid. They are supported by two fully independent UPS systems totalling 2,700 kVA, with hot tie capability. These in turn are supported by 3 very large external generators which provide enough power to ensure the data centre remains fully operational even in the event of a major national grid outage.

Key servers are connected to both circuits of separate networking links guaranteeing continuity during interruption to any single power supply.

The server cabinets and racks are designed to meet the demands of a hosting environment where heavy-duty networking and server hardware can be contained safely and securely. Each cabinet/rack has two power distribution units fitted.

  • Twin incoming main feeders from Hydro at 13,800 volts /4,000 amps, each with multiple diverse routing from the hydro grid;
  • Three standby generators (two at 1.5 megawatts, one at 1.35 megawatts for a total of 4.35 megawatts total standby power);
  • Over 30,000 litres of diesel fuel on hand, capable of running building at full capacity for over 6 days;
  • Two fully independent UPS systems totalling 2,700 kVA, with hot tie capability.

Internet/Wan Connectivity

A highly redundant LAN infrastructure and multiple ISPs, combined with multiple tiered firewalls, ensure maximum system integrity and availability at all times.

  • Four separate and fully redundant high-speed connections enter the facility from underground access ports;
  • Each carrier comes in through a diverse entrance into the building;
  • System is tested on a regular, on-going basis.

Constant Environmental Control

A series of air handling units are in constant operation, supplying conditioned air to the computer rooms. Specifically designed for the data centre environment, these units regulate the temperature within the data room, maintaining an ideal, constant all-year-round temperature. Humidity levels within the data room are also managed.

  • Central station cooling plant has four 180 tonne chillers supporting a dual pipe chilled water delivery system;
  • N+2 air handling operations;
  • N+2 chiller operations, with each delivery system having two chillers available (one online and one in full standby);
  • Chilled water delivery systems support a network of 42 air handling units, each capable of delivering 375 cubic meters of air/minute.

Fire Detection and Suppression

A VESDA (very early smoke detection apparatus) of smoke and heat detectors provides an immediate detection of fire. This gives an early warning of potential fire before visible smoke or flame is apparent. Fire suppression is achieved using a dry pipe water system with a time delay. Fire extinguishers are located in high risk areas.

  • VESDA supporting an INERGEN gas fire suppression system;
  • Interlocked dry pipe pre-action sprinkler systems above and below the raised floor;
  • Computer room areas have an independent two hour fire rating, separate from the remaining building structure.

Industry Best Practice Taken A Step Forward

Iron Mountain’s data centre is leading the industry in providing a secure environment for your information protection requirements. A combination of world-class infrastructure and technical support alongside leading edge security and connectivity means that Iron Mountain is taking industry best practice a step forward.

  • Independent audit of entire facility
  • Benchmark in physical and logical security
  • 24/7 state-of-the-art security
  • Controlled physical access
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Climate controlled environment
  • Automated fire suppression
  • Multiple tiered firewalls
  • First-rate technical support

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