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Bringing the Highest Levels of Security to Records Management

Workflows that keep your information secure, every step of the way.

Emerging compliance requirements, the competitive value of information, and a growing awareness of the importance of privacy have raised the bar on what every company must do to protect information.

Today, you need an information storage solution that lets you access information effectively, while delivering maximum security and confidence — all within a realistic, practical budget.

One Company Offers the Security You Need in Information Storage

For over 55 years, Iron Mountain has led the records management industry with workflows that are both convenient and secure. Our carefully designed workflows leverage that experience to deliver benefits that only Iron Mountain can offer:

  • Information Logistics Expertise. You leverage the knowledge gained from years of unequalled experience, thousands of customers, and millions of records in our care.
  • Checks and Balances. Your records are supported by a proven methodology of multiple checks to ensure they are securely handled and stored. Nothing is left to chance.
  • InControl for Security During Transit. Iron Mountain has implemented an advanced transportation platform for ensuring security of your records at all stages of transit. We use patented security, such as error- prevention controls built into our vehicles, as well as real-time tracking and an auditable chain of custody through every step of transit to deliver an unequalled level of security.
  • Ongoing Performance Measurement. Because your information is such a valuable asset, we constantly strive for improvement. We have developed specific metrics by which we score the performance of our processes and facilities, and we regularly improve them.

What’s more, these workflow processes are in addition to the security and safety features in place at Iron Mountain’s storage facilities, where your records are protected by alarms and sensors, advanced fire protection, and 24/7 monitoring.

Very simply, we take care of your information as if it were our own. It’s one more reason why Iron Mountain is the choice for managing and protecting your records.

Records Management Workflows


From the moment our driver arrives to pick up your materials, to storage in our secure facilities, your records are secure and safe.

Using our secure Web portal, Iron Mountain Connect, you can easily schedule your boxes for pickup. While entering your order, you can also add descriptive data for each record, making search and retrieval much easier in the future.

As part of the InControl process, drivers scan barcodes at every step, collecting valuable information on your boxes to ensure verification and proper tracking throughout the workflow. Once your records are safely stored at an Iron Mountain facility, you’ll receive verification by email if you used Iron Mountain Connect to place your order.


Iron Mountain’s incoming workflow not only drives secure, reliable service, it also helps to increase the quality of your records index for improved access and management over time.

  • Triple-Check Workflow. boxes or packages of files are scanned at the customer location, at the Iron Mountain dock, and at the shelf location. Each scan is validated against the previous scan to ensure accuracy. Like all of our checks and balances, these process redundancies protect the security and chain of custody of our customers’ information.
  • Data Entry Validation. We validate that all new boxes are received with descriptive information. Whether that information is keyed by us or by you via Iron Mountain Connect, it’s another example of the checks and balances we use to ensure quality inventory control.


Iron Mountain makes retrieval simple, fast and secure. With Iron Mountain Connect, you can search for and retrieve records using your own descriptive data. In addition, you can schedule the delivery time online.

After we receive your request, Iron Mountain’s systems print retrieval barcode labels and file “outcards” for each outgoing item. The file outcards provide a physical record of files that have been removed from a storage box. Your records are packed and loaded following our strict security standards, and boxes are double banded to ensure they are secure while in transit. Barcode scanning at several key steps makes sure the right records are delivered to you, and ensures a consistent chain of custody.


  • Retrieval Label Double Scan. As a box or package of files is pulled for retrieval, it is tagged with an additional retrieval label. This step prevents the wrong box from being retrieved. The item is then brought to a staging area where all labels are scanned to verify that the correct item has been retrieved. This allows us to deliver greater order accuracy and improved performance.
  • box Branding. To protect the contents while in transit, Iron Mountain double bands each box scheduled for retrieval before it is placed in the Iron Mountain vehicle.
  • Vehicle Validation. We make sure every box or package of files is loaded onto the right vehicle for optimum delivery efficiency. These are scanned as they are loaded, and the vehicle cannot leave until all requested boxes or packages have been accounted for
  • Validation at Customer Site. As part of the InControl process, drivers complete retrieval by scanning each box at the customer’s location. This final check-and-balance step validates that the correct box or package was delivered to the correct customer location.

Archival Destruction

When you need to have records destroyed, the process must be accurate and secure. Iron Mountain takes exceptional care on both counts.

First you determine the records you want destroyed. Or, if you are using our advanced retention services, we can provide you with a Destruction Eligibility Report that lists the records due for destruction. Either way, you review and verify the records to be destroyed. Then, before proceeding, we send a destruction list to you for final approval. This step provides an additional layer of control to ensure that only approved items are authorized for destruction. We don’t proceed until we have a confirmation and authorized signature.


Iron Mountain’s destruction services facilitate the management of your storage program costs while helping your organization meet its legal and regulatory obligations.

  • Automated Destruction Eligibility Reporting. Iron Mountain’s retention management services can help you systematically manage the lifecycle of your inventory based on your personalized retention schedule. You can easily identify which records can be safely destroyed in accordance with your organization’s compliance obligations — as well as which records you need to keep for litigation, audit, or other reasons to ensure compliance.
  • Secure Destruction Checks and Balances. We utilize multiple checks and balances to make sure that only the right items are ultimately destroyed. Destruction only proceeds after careful review and authorization by you and by Iron Mountain. As items are pulled from their shelf locations, we scan both the original box label plus a specially colored destruction label to validate that the correct item has been pulled. Items staged for destruction are secured in black plastic wrap, then ultimately destroyed using Iron Mountain’s Secure Shredding services.

Protecting Your Information in transit

Security is especially critical when records are in transit. That’s why Iron Mountain developed InControl, the advanced transportation platform that helps make our workflows the trusted and secure choice for records management.

InControl ensures the protection of information while it is in transit with patent-pending security, real-time tracking, and auditable chain of custody. It accomplishes this through our secure logistics methodology of Prevention, Early Detection and Correction, and Proof.


Iron Mountain vehicles are outfitted with innovations in security technology. These include compartmentalized cargo areas protected by patent-pending locking mechanisms, vehicle alarm systems that feature driver proximity controls, dual-key ignition immobilizers, and in-motion security detection. For additional quality, we perform employee screenings and background checks.

Early Detection and Correction

We utilize real-time wireless scanning technology to validate pickup and delivery transactions. These controls not only serve as the foundation for effective chain of custody, but also utilize wireless communication protocols so we can identify and correct anomalies in real time, at the point of origination.


As information is routed through our delivery platform, Iron Mountain’s InControl technology keeps a real-time audit trail to document each transaction. For further accountability, InControl keeps a delivery audit trail with electronic signatures and automated email service confirmation receipts for orders placed via Iron Mountain Connect.

Iron Mountain invests in technology to improve the information protection and storage services we provide. To learn more, talk to an Iron Mountain representative or visit

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About Iron Mountain Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE: IRM) provides information management services that help organizations lower the costs, risks and inefficiencies of managing their physical and digital data. Founded in 1951, Iron Mountain manages billions of information assets, including backup and archival data, electronic records, document imaging, business records, secure shredding, and more, for organizations around the world. Visit the company Web site at for more information.