Secure Shredding Services

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Secure, Compliant, Cost-Effective, Environmentally Responsible Information Destruction

Does This Sound Familiar?

“I want to protect my company’s reputation and brand. I don’t want to have our company in the news as having had an information privacy breach. That could have a negative impact on revenue, stock price, and even company morale.”

“Internal employee compliance is a challenge. We need to protect sensitive information as part of our daily routine across the organization. It’s hard to gauge how often employees are actually following our information disposal policies.”

“Budgets are tight, and we need to keep expenses as low as possible while still remaining compliant. I need to justify my budget and demonstrate ongoing value and results.”

“I need to be able to evaluate my shredding program based on real data and systematic reporting, not just hunches. The costs of the program and the stakes around compliance are too high to leave to chance.”

“I’m concerned about defending our information destruction and privacy program, both internally and externally. I need to prove to our auditors that we are compliant and meeting objectives. And if we ever have a breach, I may need to defend our practices externally as well.”

“I want to be a good steward of the environment. Being green is important to us.”

A Trusted Partner

Companies rely on Iron Mountain to help them meet the challenges of information management and security. By maintaining focus on the needs of our customers, we have developed a unique level of experience and expertise in secure, compliant information destruction.

To help you through the complete lifecycle of your information destruction program, we offer a comprehensive range of capabilities, including policy and program development, program implementation, reporting, and guidance for ongoing program monitoring and management.


Today, a single instance of unauthorized access to information could have significant consequences — including damage to brand or reputation, fines, as well as the loss of market share and customer trust. Thanks to an increase in privacy and information disposal laws at the provincial level, proper, permanent destruction of sensitive information is a business imperative.

Developing and maintaining a legally defensible and consistently implemented secure shredding program can protect your company and your customers by increasing control over your information and mitigating risk and potential liability.

To achieve compliance, your program must apply consistent information disposal policies and procedures across locations, as well as provide proof of employee training, ongoing communication, enforcement and program monitoring.

Comprehensive Support For your shredding program

Committed to making ongoing investments in people, processes and technology to continually improve our offerings, Iron Mountain can help you:

  • Design a cost-effective shredding program that reflects your requirements, using advanced security standards and procedures.
  • Create the additional critical elements you need to be compliant — policies and procedures, employee awareness, program monitoring and audit, legal/ regulatory education, and more.
  • Incent employees to comply with your program by providing convenient, easy-to-use, desk-side shredding containers; with desk-side containers, documents can be collected throughout the day, and then periodically transferred into your shred containers.
  • Manage your programs in a cost-effective manner using our unique reporting, tools and expertise; we enable you to document your programs and defend them, when necessary
  • Support responsible environmental stewardship by recycling materials after shredding.
  • Evolve your program as necessary to meet the rapidly changing realities of your business, as well as the evolving regulatory environment.

Iron Mountain Connect™

To monitor your secure shredding program in innovative ways, you can use the Shredding Center available through Iron Mountain Connect™. This online, self service portal offers an exclusive suite of tools and reports that help you manage your information destruction program — ensuring that it remains compliant and defensible, cost-effective, operationally optimized, and environmentally sound.

Control your shredding program with secure, 24x7 access to a variety of program monitoring and management tools via Iron Mountain Connect. We make it easy and convenient to maximize the business value of your program in the most cost-effective manner.

  • Enable compliance and cost-effectiveness. Our proprietary InControl™ Shred Usage Report will help you optimize your secure shredding program to ensure compliance and cost-effectiveness.
  • Improve budgeting and planning. Use our trend reporting capabilities to manage unscheduled services and reduce costs.
  • Verify information destruction. Streamline auditing and reporting activities by accessing your Certificates of Destruction online.
  • Demonstrate your environmental contribution. Use our Green Report to view the environmental impact of your secure shredding program.
  • Manage your account. View service schedules for all your locations, submit service-related requests, as well as view and pay your bill online.

Improve Cost-Effectiveness with the InControl Shred Usage Report

The best way to increase the cost-effectiveness of a shredding program is optimizing your operations — the frequency of service and the number of shredding containers at each location. Most organizations attempt optimization using anecdotal or sporadic information. But as an Iron Mountain customer, you have much more reliable data.

You can use our exclusive InControl Shred Usage Report to systematically assess service and usage metrics based on actual utilization information captured at the time of service. By periodically assessing utilization trends, you can uncover opportunities to save money through program optimization.

With the InControl Shred Usage Report, you can be confident that your program is as cost-effective as possible and appropriately scoped to protect your sensitive information and your organization.

Control and Reliability

Companies of all sizes and in all industries rely on Iron Mountain to provide the full range of secure, compliant information destruction solutions. We design programs to meet each customer’s unique business requirements. In addition, we operate an extensive shredding plant and logistics network that services customers across North America. We can service you whenever you need us, at one location or thousands.

Built into every secure shredding program is a proven, high-quality workflow. A critical part of that workflow is our InControl technology, which captures key information at the time of service at your location — including barcode scanning, container volume capture, electronic signature and time/date stamp. These steps provide greater control and ensure the secure chain of custody of your sensitive information.

Offsite Shredding

If you require ongoing, verified destruction of sensitive materials, choose Iron Mountain’s secure, offsite shredding services. Strict best practices ensure a consistent chain of custody, resulting in a tightly controlled, documented process that protects against security breaches.

From the moment our driver arrives to pick up your materials to final destruction at a secure shredding plant, your information is protected. With InControl, your shredding containers are scanned at your location, where key service information such as barcode ID and container volume are captured. This information becomes part of your verifiable audit trail.

Once received at the plant, your materials are processed and permanently destroyed to a non-recoverable form. After we securely destroy materials, we recycle all shredding output.

Secure Shredding Offsite

  1. Shredding order automatically generated via safeKeeper PLUS®
  2. Driver arrives
  3. Driver scans shredding containers onsite
  4. Service information captured in handheld device
  5. Electronic signature captured
  6. Secure vehicle transport
  7. Material is shredded at shredding plant
  8. Automated invoicing & certificate of destruction

Onsite Shredding

We designed this service for organizations requiring the immediate and witnessed destruction of confidential materials on their premises. Onsite shredding is the ideal choice for the destruction of your copyrighted or royalty based materials.

Our InControl solution protects documents in transit by combining patented security, real-time tracking, and an auditable chain of custody to deliver a higher standard of information protection. As shredding collection containers are serviced at your location, InControl captures an audit trail including barcode ID, container volume and electronic signatures. An email receipt feature is also available if you require immediate confirmation for each order

An Iron Mountain driver escorts your locked containers to a specially equipped mobile shredding vehicle. Once the shredding container contents are securely deposited inside the vehicle and shredding begins, you can watch the entire destruction process from the truck’s onboard closed-circuit television system.

We then process and permanently destroy your materials to a non-recoverable form. After we securely destroy materials, we recycle all shredding output.

Secure Shredding Onsite

  1. Shredding order automatically generated via safekeeper PLUS®
  2. Driver arrives
  3. Driver scans shredding containers onsite
  4. Service information captured in handheld device
  5. Electronic signature captured
  6. Material is shredded in mobile shredding unit
  7. Automated invoicing & certificate of destruction

Special Projects Destruction

Iron Mountain provides Special Projects Destruction with the same level of security, consistency and reliability as our recurring services. You can work with the Iron Mountain team to schedule a destruction project.

Secure Media Destruction

Your privacy compliance challenges extend beyond paper-based information to include electronic storage as well. Data tapes, DVDs and other media are potentially vulnerable if not securely destroyed.

Iron Mountain Secure Media Destruction solution renders these materials permanently destroyed, unreadable and non-recoverable, and we handle their final disposition in an environmentally friendly manner.

We provide this solution on a project basis with approved partners that meet our high standards and submit to ongoing due diligence and recurring compliance reviews. All workflows are proprietary Iron Mountain methodologies that ensure security from collection through final destruction.


Information is your most valuable asset. To keep it safe, we’ve built a dedicated security team led by a Chief Security Officer, standardized our security practices, and invested nearly $200 million in our facilities and vehicles over the past 10 years. Our carefully screened and trained employees are supported by proven systems and committed to protecting your documents.


The key to information security is people. To earn your confidence, all Iron Mountain employees must pass comprehensive background checks. Our employees also receive ongoing training to ensure performance and customer focus. Our people know they’re doing more than shredding your documents — they’re protecting your vital business assets.

Shredding Plants

Not all secure shredding facilities are created equal. In fact, some stand well above the rest by providing optimal levels of safety and security. With Iron Mountain’s facilities, you can rest assured that when your documents are with us they remain secure — from pickup through final disposition.

We consistently provide some of the industry’s more advanced systems to safeguard your information both inside and outside our secure shredding facilities, including:

  • Strict visitor policies
  • 24x7, closed-circuit television surveillance cameras
  • Advanced fire suppression controls
  • Intrusion detection and environmental control systems


Our InControl solution protects documents in transit by combining patented security, real-time tracking, and an auditable chain of custody to deliver a higher standard of information protection.

  • Prevention. Most vehicles in our industry have standard theft-control alarms. Iron Mountain takes fleet security to a higher level with built-in technology innovations such as patented locking mechanisms, driver proximity alarms and a dual key ignition to prevent workflow errors.
  • Early Detection and Correction. If an error should occur, early detection is crucial to correction. Our drivers have wireless scanners that transmit data back to our logistics team in real-time. This allows for service level confirmation throughout the day (if needed), as well an automated email receipt.
  • Proof. To be compliant, you must be able to prove you’re compliant. As shredding collection containers are serviced at your location, InControl captures an auditable chain of custody including barcode ID, container volume and electronic signatures. An email receipt feature is also available if you require immediate confirmation for each order.

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental responsibility often starts at home. At Iron Mountain, we consider it our responsibility in our working environments as well. Iron Mountain has recycled and reused the output from our shredding facilities to save over 7 million 50-foot trees annually.

Acting on the premise that we all share the duty to manage and care for our natural resources, Iron Mountain integrates and applies environmental values into every document disposal process and procedure. And by working with Iron Mountain to safely dispose of your documents, you can too.

After your documents are securely shredded, we recycle all shredding output. Our Secure Media Destruction services also utilize a waste-to-energy incineration process to appropriately recycle your electronic media — including data tapes, CDs, video tapes and more.

To help you quantify the environmental benefits of your secure shredding programs, you can access your Green Report on Iron Mountain Connect to learn how many natural resources you’ve saved.

The Annual Benefits of Iron Mountain Secure Shredding in North America

  • 7.65 Million 50-foot Trees Saved
  • 3.15 Billion Gallons of Water Saved
  • 900 Million Pounds of Recycled Paper
  • 450 Thousand Tons of Paper Material Weight
  • 270 Million Pounds of Air Pollution
  • 1.3 Million Cubic Yards of Landfill Reduction
  • 1.8 Billion KW hours of Electricity Reduced
  • 207 Million Gallons of Oil Saved

Complementary Services

Records Management

The business records environment is exploding with billions of paper documents, trillions of electronic messages and exabytes of electronic records — all of which must be managed safely and cost-effectively throughout their lifecycle. Iron Mountain offers a broad range of outsourced services addressing the challenges of Records Management and helping you control costs, reduce risks, improve access and protect information at every stage — from origination to destruction.

Transitioning to Electronic Records

Document conversion with Iron Mountain enables you to outsource scanning without moving files, thereby preserving chain of custody and reducing risk. What’s more, our Image on Demand™ service scans only what you need, only when you need it. A document is removed from its box, scanned, and returned to secure storage. The image can then be accessed from our secure Digital Record Center™ for Images, uploaded into your electronic content management system, or emailed to you as an encrypted file. Making document conversion with Iron Mountain part of your electronic record transition plan helps ensure that your migration is cost-effective and secure.

Image Hosting

For many companies, maintaining an in-house image repository is impractical. If you want online access without the infrastructure, consider the Iron Mountain Digital Record Center for Images. This secure, hosted service eliminates capital costs, is easy to deploy and administer, and enhances compliance. Sophisticated search tools allow authorized users to quickly retrieve digital records 24x365 via the Internet.

Managing Active Records

If you maintain one or more file rooms staffed by company employees, our ActivFile™ solutions can lower costs, free up space, and ensure consistency. First, we consolidate your active records at one of our facilities or one of yours. We then perform retrieval, filing, interfiling, and other activities based on best practices that mitigate risk, speed discovery, and meet compliance requirements. Highly scalable, ActivFile solutions also enable cost-effective migration to electronic records when coupled with Iron Mountain document conversion services.

eDiscovery and Litigation Services

Iron Mountain provides a range of archiving and eDiscovery services, including email and message archiving, image archiving, medical image archiving, content monitoring and electronic data discovery. Our comprehensive suite of solutions includes our Stratify™ hosted and on-premises solutions and services for early case assessment, document review and production. We partner with customers to create the additional critical elements they need to be compliant — policies and procedures, employee awareness, program monitoring and audit, legal/regulatory education, and more. In addition, we help customers manage and document their programs in a cost-effective manner using our unique reporting, tools, and expertise.