InControl® Shred Usage Report

Topics: Secure Shredding

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While establishing a secure shredding program is a crucial step toward achieving compliance, simply implementing the program is not enough. Regular program monitoring is critical to minimizing business risk, ensuring ongoing compliance and managing program costs.

Iron Mountain is committed to helping you manage your secure shredding program from initial program design and implementation through ongoing management and audit. Our InControl® Shred Usage Report is a valuable tool that will provide you with the insight and analysis you need to better manage and monitor all aspects of your secure shredding program.

The InControl Shred Usage Report contains detailed information on container volume, which is captured during each service with an InControl scanner. By reviewing this information and identifying key trends over time, you will be able to correct potential compliance issues before they impact your business, and identify opportunities to reduce costs.


When your secure shredding program was first designed, it reflected the needs of the organization and the privacy regulations in place at that point in time. However, your business is not standing still. Employees come and go, activity in particular locations rises or falls, new information protection laws are passed, corporate directives shift in response to the competitive landscape. Change is constant, and your shredding program needs to respond.

Ongoing monitoring of program performance, risk management and cost management put you in control of your secure shredding program. The InControl Shred Usage Report gives you the visibility you need to evaluate, on a regular basis, the many variables that can impact your program, including container volume, the number of containers in use, how often they are serviced, awareness and compliance of employees, and much more. The report empowers you to easily adapt to changes in the organization and make modifications to ensure your program stays on track.