Iron Mountain Accutrac Software

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The consistent management of all records — both active and inactive, wherever they reside — is a key to compliance. Many organizations currently rely on multiple systems to manage their onsite, active records and other systems to manage their offsite, inactive records. A centralized solution managing records throughout their entire lifecycle, from declaration through retention and finally disposition, can help you reduce the overall cost of storing and managing corporate records while mitigating legal and compliance risks.

Accutrac™ Software from Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain Accutrac software helps track, manage, and apply policy to your active and inactive records wherever they reside. Accutrac helps improve consistency and reduce risk through records classification, workflow management, retention, legal hold and disposition management.

When integrated with enterprise content management systems, Accutrac applies the same discipline to your electronic records for consistent control. Accutrac centrally manages records through their lifecycle, which:

  • Helps to mitigate legal, regulatory, and compliance risks providing clear audit trails
  • Provides control of all records inventory through a single interface
  • Offers real-time access for retrieval of records stored at Iron Mountain
  • Extends enterprise content management system investments

Get Physical Records Control

Whether you are looking to get better control over physical files stored in department file cabinets or need to optimize a file room, Accutrac software provides the set of capabilities required for the compliant, efficient management of your important physical records.

Accutrac software supports the full range of capabilities required for physical records management, including:

  • Customizable box/file description templates that let you create specific indexing requirements for different types of records
  • Search and request capabilities
  • Active records inventory management features, including location barcoding, item barcoding, and systematic check-in/check-out workflow
  • DoD 5015.2-compliant retention management capabilities including retention schedule definition, classification, automated disposition calculation, and systematic destruction/disposition workflow
  • Audit trails for records as they are transferred to different locations throughout their lifecycle, to eliminate the need for hard-copy transmittal forms and box creation requests
  • Role-based security, to control access to records on an individual and/or group basis
  • Robust Web interface eases deployment while providing lower cost of ownership
  • Standard and customizable reporting powered by Crystal Reports®

Seamless access to Iron Mountain Inventory

With Iron Mountain Web Services, Accutrac software provides fast, reliable access to records stored at Iron Mountain through a single, easy-to-use Web interface. This capability helps you efficiently manage your file inventory and daily order transactions, streamline the retrieval of records, and support litigation preparedness and compliance requirements.

Microsoft® Office Outlook® Integration

Native integration with Microsoft Outlook enables you to easily drag and drop email messages classifying them as records in the Accutrac repository. You can view any Accutrac records — including boxes, files, and email — directly from Outlook. For Iron Mountain customers, the integration lets you submit pickup and retrieval orders directly from Microsoft Outlook, streamlining your records management workflow for both active and inactive records.

Automate Electronic Records Management

Today’s Records Managers are faced with a dilemma: “How can I achieve my compliance goal without throwing out our existing investment?” Many companies have already made significant investments in an Enterprise Content Management system. While these systems often excel at document access and workflow, many lack even the most basic records management capabilities required for compliance.

Accutrac can extend your Enterprise Content Management system by providing the full suite of compliance and retention management capabilities to electronic records already managed by those systems. Accutrac leverages existing technology investments with proven integrations to provide support for a wide range of content management systems and databases. This lets you consistently manage records regardless of format or location. This single view of all records provides consistent and accurate records tracking, access, policy management and enforcement across the entire organization.

Accutrac integrates with IBM® FileNet for consistent access and policy management.

Compliant Records Management

Accutrac helps companies meet legal and regulatory requirements through the implementation of a consistent and compliant records management program in line with documented policies. Accutrac software is a DoD 5015.2-certified application that offers enterprise-scale, configurable workflows for the classification and indexing of records to support robust retention management, legal holds, and final disposition.

Iron Mountain offers a wide range of professional services from configuration, installation, implementation, and training for effective deployment while allowing you to further capitalize on the business value of Accutrac. In addition, Iron Mountain Consulting offers the combined expertise of more than 50 consultants who draw on Iron Mountain’s unequaled experience in records retention, document management, eDiscovery, and data privacy. Iron Mountain currently supports many of the Fortune 1000 as well as numerous other companies in a wide range of industries.

System Requirements


  • Microsoft® Windows Server® 2003 Standard x64 Edition, Enterprise x64 Edition, or Datacenter x64 Edition with SP1 or later
  • Microsoft® SQL Server® 2005 with Full Text Searching Option enabled
  • Internet Information Server (IIS) 6 or greater (only required for thin client installations)


  • Multi-processor or multi-core with 2.0 GHz or faster processor(s)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 100 GB of available hard disk space for the recommended installation (additional storage needs may vary widely depending on data storage requirements)