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Support on demand Built to help you address specific data protection and information management situations, our on-demand Offsite Tape Vaulting services enable you to:

  • Leverage only the services you need, when you need them
  • Recover from disasters and disruptions with speed and precision
  • Execute safe, secure tape library and server relocations
  • Restore the information located on media for use in litigation, search or format conversion
  • Ensure the ongoing safety, security and integrity of business critical data in transit

At Iron Mountain, our goal is to provide you with capabilities — in addition to our Offsite Tape Vaulting service — that support your organization’s information management needs. Part of this commitment is providing the services and support that help you address specific data protection, disaster recovery or media management scenarios. And it is in such cases that you can turn to our portfolio of on-demand Offsite Tape Vaulting services.

Designed to complement our Offsite Tape Vaulting service and enhance its high levels of security, efficiency and control, these services offer targeted support you can leverage any time a data protection need arises, and include:

  • Disaster Recovery Testing and Support Services
  • Tape Library or Server Relocation
  • Data Restoration Services
  • Dedicated Transportation

Disaster Recovery Support Services

Whenever disaster strikes, Iron Mountain’s Disaster Recovery Support services are there to help you quickly recover critical data and restore operations. Our highly trained professionals assist you throughout the recovery process, allowing you to leverage our proven best practices across locations and media types. And when the situation dictates, we’ll call in our critical response team — a unique group of specially trained employees brought in from outside the disaster zone — to provide you with recovery support.

Moreover, these services enable you to define, test and validate a disaster recovery plan that aligns with your business continuity objectives. We’ll help you clarify the roles and responsibilities of key personnel, assess test results and verify that the right resources are in place, so you are well positioned to recover from a disaster or disruption.

“ From the planning through the dress rehearsal and production cut over, your staff worked closely with us to facilitate a very smooth transition of the tape library. ”

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Tape Library or Server Relocation

In the event that you need to move your tape library or server infrastructure to a new location, you can leverage our Tape Library or Server Relocation services to manage the entire lifecycle of the project, including inventory, packing, transport and setup. These services closely audit the process every step of the way, giving you status updates at important milestones and helping to ensure data is protected and downtime is minimized.

During the relocation, we carefully label and log your tapes or servers, place them in specially constructed containers and transport them either in our vehicles, or chartered aircraft for long-distance moves. The end result is a relocation program that delivers an unbroken chain of custody — and the confidence that your critical tape and server resources are being transported with the utmost care.

Data Restoration Services

Whether you need to respond to internal data management requests, litigation discovery or compliance inquiries, our Data Restoration services are there to help you get the job done right the first time. Designed to manage the process of searching, gathering, organizing, restoring and delivering electronic files and records, these services provide a single point of contact for restoring data from all media types and providing it to the necessary sources in the proper format.

Regardless of the business need, these services offer end-to-end support for such projects as tape copy, encryption, cataloging and file-level indexing, as well as e-mail extraction, audio conversion, archiving and more.

Dedicated Transportation

Developed with the express purpose of giving your most sensitive information an added layer of security, Dedicated Transportation ensures that your backup media is never commingled with other customers’ data. All media is transported on a dedicated vehicle equipped with our InControl™ solution, which protects your information while in transit with patented security, comprehensive tracking and an auditable chain of custody.

In addition, Dedicated Transportation offers the option of having two Iron Mountain employees oversee the process, one of whom stays with your media continuously, ensuring that it will never be out of sight.

Support Where and When it’s Needed

Our on-demand Offsite Tape Vaulting services help you enhance your existing media management and data protection measures with complementary services whenever you need to address a particular challenge or recovery scenario.

From disaster recovery to media transportation and data restoration, these services give you the peace of mind that you are being supported by a large network of Iron Mountain service professionals and our proven information management best practices.