Secure Shredding

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At Iron Mountain, we recognize that your privacy compliance challenges extend beyond paper-based information to include electronic storage media as well. Data tapes, DVDs and other media are potentially vulnerable if not securely disposed.

The Iron Mountain Difference

Iron Mountain’s secure media destruction solution renders materials permanently destroyed, unreadable and non-recoverable. Furthermore, the final disposition is handled in an environmentally appropriate manner.

Some of the important benefits of Iron Mountain’s comprehensive program include:

  • Destruction via incineration process.
  • Custom designed, secure transportation with dedicated routes, 24x7 GPS tracking capabilities, and thoroughly vetted drivers.
  • Proprietary workflows that include security personnel assigned to quality check incoming materials and witness destruction process for audit purposes.
  • Ongoing monitoring of partners and continuous improvement design adjustments to ensure your program evolves with advances in technology.
  • An environmentally friendly waste-to-energy destruction process which creates reusable energy.

Iron Mountain provides secure media destruction with approved partners that meet our high standards and submit to ongoing due diligence and recurring compliance reviews. All workflows are proprietary Iron Mountain methodologies that ensure security from collection through final destruction.

How Iron Mountain’s Secure Media Destruction Process Works

Step One

Consolidate & Prepare for Transport

  • Iron Mountain collects and consolidates materials directly from your facility or from your inventory stored at an Iron Mountain facility.
  • A record of the materials designated for destruction is entered into our inventory tracking system.
  • Materials are shrink-wrapped, tagged and staged in preparation for secure transport to the media destruction plant.

Step Two

Dedicated Transport

  • The tagged materials are loaded onto a dedicated, secure transport vehicle.
  • A numbered trailer seal is affixed to the secure vehicle and documented for tracking purposes.
  • The materials are transported to the media destruction plant.

Step Three

Secure Media Destruction

  • Receipt of materials is confirmed through the trailer seal and verification of the pallet labels.
  • Materials are incinerated, rendering them unreadable and non-recoverable.
  • Reusable energy is created through a waste-to-energy destruction process.

Materials for secure media destruction


  • CDs & DVDs
  • Microfilm and Microfiche
  • X-rays
  • ID Badges
  • Bank Cards
  • Data tapes
  • Photographs
  • Audio/Video Tapes
  • Computer Disks

Not Accepted

  • eWaste: computer hard drives, PCs, laptops, servers, peripherals, monitors
  • Hazardous wastes or medical wastes
  • Batteries

The Experts In Compliant Information Destruction

Unmatched experience, the strictest security practices and controls, and a documented chain-of-custody are just a few of the reasons why Iron Mountain is the world’s most trusted partner for compliant information protection, storage, and destruction.