Discovery Services Solution Brief

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Business Challenge

It has long been the norm for corporate legal departments like yours to pass discovery work to outside counsel, who in turn outsource much of the technology and processes to third-party vendors. With multiple hand-offs, this complicated model breeds inconsistencies, making it difficult for you to achieve appropriate levels of predictability, accountability and standardization.

Clearly, the pressure is on your organization to make discovery a well-defined, streamlined and repeatable process. And yet, as the amount of paper, backup media and digital records you must manage continues to grow, it can be a major challenge to quickly locate the resources needed to address litigation requirements without introducing considerable costs, risks and inefficiencies into the process.

Control Your Discovery

Consolidated, Defensible Litigation and Discovery Support


$621,880 — $2,993,567
The average per-case cost of discovery.

Civil Justice Reform Group, Lawyers for Civil Justice, U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform. Litigation Cost Survey of Major Companies. May 2010.

How this Affects You

  • The more vendors you rely on for discovery, the greater the chances of expensive mistakes, process inefficiencies and unforeseen costs.
  • As documents are handed off between parties, you run the risk of compromising chain-of-custody, jeopardizing the security of sensitive information or increasing the risk of spoliation of the evidence.
  • Managing growing volumes of information across multiple formats and media sources makes it difficult to locate relevant documents in a timely manner.

What If You Could...

  • Predictably manage discovery against budget and reduce outside counsel and vendor fees?
  • Limit legal and process risks by making discovery a defensible, repeatable process?
  • Improve legal decision making by developing case strategies to more effectively settle or litigate?

Iron Mountain Discovery Services is a suite of products and services, including:

  • Litigation readiness consulting
  • Document conversion services
  • Tape restoration
  • eDiscovery review platforms

Iron Mountain Discovery Services will help you control your discovery by:

  • Eliminating wasted time
  • Putting your attorneys in charge
  • Never losing chain-of-custody

End-To-End Discovery Support

With Iron Mountain ConnectTM, an online, self-service portal — you’ll be able to quickly locate, retrieve and organize potentially relevant information stored at an Iron Mountain facility. Our experienced project managers help you identify the most important information, dramatically reducing data sets early in the process and leading to substantial savings in imaging costs and attorney review time.

And when a matter requires you to provide information in an electronic format, our Document Conversion Services give you a single process to image and manage potentially relevant information. Your converted documents will be coded using objective, bibliographic and subjective methods, and unitized, Bates stamped and redacted. We’ll deliver these documents to any of the review platforms you may have — or a best-of-breed review platform from one of our strategic partners.

Our extensive, global network of Records and Imaging Centers,means your information is often processed where it resides. But, should any imaging or Tape Restoration Services require your records and backup media to move between your offices and Iron Mountain facilities, your information will be protected by Iron Mountain InControlTM. Featuring patented security measures, detailed tracking and an auditable workflow, InControl gives you the assurance of an unbroken chain-of-custody for media in transit.

And throughout the course of any legal matter or discovery event, you’ll benefit from the proven guidance of Iron Mountain Consulting Services, expert professionals who are well versed in the field of litigation readiness and response — and your existing information management program.