Iron Mountain Small/Medium Business Solutions


You started your business because you had a great idea and you planned to spend your days doing what you love: growing your idea.

The thing about big ideas is that they create lots of data. Data that grows as your business and customer base expands.

From employee management, to important product documentation and electronic information your business depends on, the stuff that didn’t seem important in the beginning is now central to your company’s existence.

With everything you need to do, you’re getting pulled in all kinds of directions. 

Since there’s only one “you,” those “5-minute tasks” are never just 5 minutes – and soon half of your day is spent working on something other than what you love, costing you time and money, and leaving you asking…  

“Who would ever want to do all this stuff?” 

Iron Mountain would! 

At Iron Mountain, our passion is helping you with your records. Whether it’s storage, tape or cloud backup, or secure shredding, we’ve been handling some of the world’s most important records for over 60 years, so you know you can rely on us. 

What’s great about Iron Mountain is that we can tailor all of the products and services that we offer our largest clients to the smallest of businesses. 

We’re local. 

We’re flexible. 

Our services are simple to use. 

And best of all, we’re extremely cost-effective. 

Iron Mountain is here to be your partner in business growth, so you can feel free to do what you’re best at – and watch your business take off! 

Call us and one of our "Small Business Specialists" will create a document management program designed to meet your specific needs.