Disk vs. Tape: Which One’s Game for the Long Term?

Topics: Offsite Tape Vaulting

So it's a battle you're looking for, eh? Disk versus tape is a great one to check in on: Ultimately, one will assume the "Long-Term Data Protection" title.

Like any two boxers that step into the ring, each format has its advantages and weaknesses. Still, there's one clear winner for your extended data backup and recovery requirements: tape. Check out these scorecards to find out why.

Contender #1: Backup Tape

In this corner is tape, a system that's seen a lot of opponents come and go. Don't assume that means it's long in the tooth, though. Like Bernard Hopkins, who at 46 became the oldest boxer ever to win a world title in 2011, tape still packs a punch. Why else would thousands of enterprises still be tapping the powers of tape backup in today's digital world?