Data Validation: Prevent Physical Records Inventory Issues

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Business Challenge

You may have a defensible Records and Information Management (RIM) program in place, but driving compliance across your entire organization is likely a nightmare. Unfortunately the legal reality is having no policy is better than an inconsistent policy application. You understand the importance of consistently describing records sent to offsite storage, but the challenge is to get others to follow the rules.

If your users are sending cartons offsite without the proper metadata, it makes it difficult to do your job. Without appropriate metadata it may be impossible to quickly access information when you need it, which can lead to discovery costs for litigation. What’s more, you likely won’t be able to make retention and disposition decisions necessary to control storage costs without the proper descriptions on cartons sent offsite daily.

How This Affects You

  • You may need help getting employees to comply with your policy in an unobtrusive way company-wide.
  • It’s difficult to quickly or efficiently get the information you need when you have to weed through unidentified inventory.
  • You may struggle to drive user compliance in applying appropriate metadata consistently to cartons sent offsite.
  • You may have acquired companies with inventories that aren’t well described and want to stop the pile of unidentified inventory from growing.

What If You Could ...

  • Monitor and drive better behavior company-wide?
  • More easily search for and find what you need?
  • Leverage a better process to get users to describe cartons sent to offsite storage appropriately?
  • Receive notification about any cartons sent offsite without metadata so you can fix the problem quickly?

Data Validation: Prevent

For go-forward inventory, you’ll have a process to help prevent future inventory issues by requiring that your users add metadata for cartons sent to offsite storage through one of the following setup options:

Iron Mountain Site Validation:
Users request box pickup via Iron Mountain Connect™, phone, email, transmittal or fax. All cartons are scanned at pickup and you’ll receive proactive exception reporting once the cartons are brought back to the storage facility. You can either add missing metadata or have Iron Mountain add it on your behalf.

Customer Site Validation:
For our premium option with a stricter setup, users request all pickup orders online through Iron Mountain Connect. At pickup, any cartons with incomplete metadata are left at your location so you can prevent cartons without metadata from getting into storage.

What You Gain ...

  • More consistent execution of your program.
  • Ability to find what you need more easily.
  • Improved program cost and risk management.
  • Timely notification of missing metadata.

Customer Success

An international telecommunications company had multiple locations in a decentralized model, resulting in a fragmented records and information management program. Recognizing the need for a more streamlined approach, the company worked with Iron Mountain to set up Data Validation. They identified required fields to have adequate metadata for boxes sent to offsite storage. Now, users are required to add metadata and the records management team receives proactive exception reporting, allowing them to fix any incompletely described inventory.

The Results:

- Improved metadata capture on cartons sent offsite by 80 percent within six months.

- Reduced time the records management team spent on reconciliation issues by two days per month.