Inventory Audit: Choose Your Way to Prove Compliance

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Business Challenge

Demands are increasing for the proof of security and protection of the assets that you manage and protect. Regulatory demands and sensitivity around your customers’ information in your safekeeping are driving requests for greater reporting verifying the location and physical integrity of your inventory.

You need to be able to demonstrate control over the physical assets that you manage and performing physical inventory audits can help show proof of a well-run records and information management (RIM) program. But conducting physical audits presents a number of challenges. You want to comply with these requests with ease, but in order to do so, you need a solution that’s tailored to your organization.

How This Affects You

  • You may need to comply with auditors’ requests to verify inventory location and integrity.
  • You might need an easy way to respond to your customers who want proof that their records are being properly stored.
  • You are tasked with proving good control over your records and information management program.
  • You may need to make sure you can prove the soundness of your program in a cost-effective way.

What If You Could ...

  • Choose the inventory audit method that balances the right combination of speed and cost for your specific situation?
  • Receive reliable asset audit reporting fast, with minimal hassle?
  • Demonstrate compliance in your inventory?
  • Leverage the latest asset tracking technology?