Everyone Should Archive, but How and with Whom?

It today's economy, IT is being asked to deliver higher levels of resilience, while storing ever increasing amounts of data for longer periods of time -- without a proportional increase in budget. Thus, data archiving for both grooming and preservation has never been more important. In this session, ESG Sr. Analyst Jason Buffington will discuss the macro trends driving enhanced data management and the convergence of archival and backup strategies and technologies. Jason will also provide economic, as well as technical, recommendations for data management as part of a holistic data protection strategy. Following ESG, Iron Mountain, one of the industry’s most trusted brands in data custodianship, will discuss their archival data management capabilities.

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  • Introduction to Archive & Backup Convergence
  • IT trends showing archival/backup impetus and convergence
  • Understanding the ROI of data grooming/archiving
  • Understanding the business drivers for data preservation/eDiscovery/archiving


  • Jason Buffington
    Senior Analyst
  • John Sharpe
    Director of Product Management
    Iron Mountain