Iron Mountain Customers Share Document Management Best Practices

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As I meet with Iron Mountain customers, I’m often struck by how invested organizations are in ensuring that their records management processes and technologies are current with information storage, protection and management approaches. In fact, the one question I hear most often with regard to records is, “What are you doing for my peers and competitors that you could be doing for me?”

People simply want to be sure that they are keeping pace with their industries and leveraging best practices whenever and wherever possible, and the worldwide leader in information management services certainly seems like a good place for a reality check. We have history and expertise in both paper and digital information management and demonstrated experience in providing outsourced management of the complete information lifecycle in this on-demand world. But, even with all of that knowledge and a consultative approach that really gets to the heart of each individual environment, we find our customers still wanting even more in terms of customer stories and insights.

They are thirsty for examples of real success and want to know how others are tackling tough business issues, such as:

  • Addressing relevant regulatory and compliance risks
  • Facilitating easy access to information from anywhere
  • Cost-effectively scanning the files they need when they need them
  • Converting physical files to digital
  • Seamlessly managing active and inactive files

It’s this overwhelming interest in real customer applications and installations that motivated us to create this book for you. In the following pages, you will see how a variety of organizations are addressing their document management needs and the benefits they are deriving from their solutions. And no matter your sector, size or specific needs and requirements, we encourage you to use their stories to challenge us and help us help you.

Enjoy the book, and best wishes for continued success,

Chris Churchill, Vice President of Document Management Solutions Iron Mountain

Even in the midst of the Knowledge Economy, or perhaps more accurately because of it, professionals spend a considerable amount of their time searching for information.

They report that there is simply too much content in too many formats and places. It’s there to be used, but it’s not useful for the people who need it. That’s because business-critical information in many organizations is simply too disjointed, dispersed and diverse to be of much real value.

But, that’s not to say that all enterprises are challenged in this area. Some have benefited from the intellectual property and best practices that leverage Iron Mountain’s long and varied history in lifecycle-based records management, helping to bring together their physical and digital records and identify and implement an appropriate migration path to electronic records.

Our Document Management Solutions (DMS) have helped these industry giants and innovators to create comprehensive, fully integrated programs that deliver complete visibility and access to all their business records — no matter the form they are in or where they reside.

They enjoy a single vendor helping them manage their transition to electronic processes, with no unnecessary transportation or break in the chain of custody of their records. And because Iron Mountain can also provide intelligent scanning services, some customers are even further simplifying their document management processes.

We’ve helped enterprises evaluate their existing document management environments and related costs and assess their long-term needs.

Iron Mountain’s customers are achieving real competitive advantage and big business results via end-to-end, lifecycle-based document management solutions that are customized to address their specific needs and feature:

  • Active Records Management, via ActivFile™ Solutions, a fully outsourced, active records management program that helps keep costs low by consolidating, organizing and indexing paper documents and archived and on-demand images.
  • Intelligent Document Convers ion, which significantly reduces document access times, and improves both access and security for such key records as contracts, human resource files and invoices by converting them into electronic form.
  • Hosted Image Archiving, via Iron Mountain’s high-capacity, high-availability Digital Record Center® for Images, which provides long-term storage and anytime, anywhere access and retrieval of archived documents.
  • Records Management Software, via Accutrac® Software, which centralizes tracking, management and application of policy (including holds) to all records — active and inactive and throughout their entire lifecycles — regardless of location.
  • Document Workflow Consulting, which leverages our document management experts to streamline business processes, enhance workflows, improve operations and support overarching business strategies.

Then, we work with them to develop a managed solution that supports their business goals while complementing their strengths and resources.

Iron Mountain’s DMS customers are integrating physical and digital records to:

  • Improve employee productivity with fast, distributed, simultaneous access to all records, regardless of format
  • Protect their business with enforced compliance and disaster recovery strategies
  • Save time and money by implementing a solution more quickly and with little or no capital investment

Iron Mountain’s Document Management Solutions integrate physical records management, imaging and electronic storage, managing our customers’ information throughout their lifecycles. Our solutions make information more accessible and actionable, increase compliance and security and improve workflows and business processes, thereby reducing the total cost of information management to help:

  • Decrease risk
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve efficiencies

Mitigate Risk for Better Compliance and Governance

With trillions of paper documents circulating throughout businesses in the United States, it’s only natural that a significant percentage will be lost or misfiled.

Each time this happens, companies not only face steep financial penalties, they also incur high levels of organizational risk that can result in significant legal repercussions and do irreparable damage to brand reputation and customer relationships.

And yet, with such a large percentage of corporate memory continuing to reside on paper, it looks as though organizations will be contending with the legal, regulatory and compliance risks associated with lost or damaged physical records well into the future.

To mitigate the chances of excessive exposure, businesses need to approach document storage from a new perspective — one that focuses on creating electronic versions of physical records and storing paper documents in secure, offsite locations.

Iron Mountain has helped organizations in various industries and locations reduce risk by providing a broad portfolio of document conversion, transport and storage capabilities. We create and implement comprehensive imaging workflows that leverage a best practice based approach to document preparation, scanning, filing and quality assurance. In addition, our specialty fleet of vehicles transports physical records following a firm, auditable chain of custody that ensures optimal levels of safety as documents move from customer sites to one of our facilities and back again. And finally, we build storage facilities with security in mind — providing the peace of mind that physical records are being housed in a manner that keeps them safe and out of harm’s way at all times.

As our experience shows, the combination of our imaging, transportation and storage processes and best practices provides organizations with a secure, reliable means of safeguarding documents and reducing their overall risk profiles.

A Global Provider of Healthcare Products

Customer challenge

The diagnostics division of a leading multinational provider of healthcare products and services was seeking a cost-effective, reliable document conversion solution that drove efficiencies and enhanced records security.

Iron Mountain solution

Iron Mountain delivered an integrated, fully managed approach to document conversion that employed safe, efficient processes and the technology required to meet the company’s needs.


With Iron Mountain’s solution in place, authorized employees gained better access to business-critical documents, improving productivity while reducing costs and eliminating various exposure points.

With business and research facilities headquartered hundreds of miles apart, and additional facilities located throughout the world, the diagnostics division of a leading healthcare products company relies on digital imaging to give authorized employees immediate access to essential company documents. However, as physical documents expanded in both volume and diversity, the company experienced long delays in converting, shipping and storing documents, which lead to apprehension about security as the files left its facilities. As concerns about the risk associated with this process grew, the company requested proposals from several vendors it thought could streamline the conversion process.

Among all of the vendors to reply to the RFP, only Iron Mountain proved it could address the company’s concerns about process, security and cost. We established an integrated workflow that begins with the files being boxed on-site at company headquarters and transported in secure vehicles to one of our Records Centers. There, documents are prepared, scanned, checked and indexed using digital coding and merging, reducing conversion costs and the potential for re-keying errors.

Upon completion, a DVD of the material is sent to the company and loaded into its computer system, making it immediately available to authorized users. Both the original documents and backup DVDs are stored at the Iron Mountain facility, ensuring full rapid recovery in the event of a disaster or disruption.

Following the implementation, the company’s essential documents are now converted more quickly, efficiently and with higher quality. What’s more, the secure workflow helps to ensure that documents remain safe, and sophisticated encryption technology permits only authorized users to access company information online.

A Leading Pharmaceuticals Manufacturer

Customer Challenge

One of the world’s leading pharmaceuticals manufacturers needed a solution that could effectively convert more than 25 million paper-based intellectual property documents into the proper digital format — and deliver the appropriate indexing, tracking and online security capabilities.

Iron Mountain solution

Recognizing the critical importance of the company’s IP, Iron Mountain implemented a multiphase solution that managed the full scope of the project. The first step was to create a file-level inventory of all documents by scanning the barcodes associated with each file and putting everything into storage boxes for shipment to Iron Mountain. Next, we scanned box- and file-level data into our SafeKeeperPLUS® inventory-control system for greater tracking accuracy. The documents were then prepared, scanned, indexed and uploaded to an image archive and stored in a secure facility.


In the end, the company achieved centralized control over its important records and improved its safety through encryption and other electronic security methods — helping it reduce the risk that these records could be lost or compromised.

A Global Technology Leader

Customer challenge

With its contracts and agreements created and stored in 20-plus locations worldwide using cumbersome manual processes, a global technology firm needed a means of accessing contracts in a timely manner to better support business initiatives, compliance requirements and legal actions.

Iron Mountain solution

Iron Mountain helped create an end-to-end solution for capturing, managing and providing secure, distributed access to contracts and agreements. The solution included a one-time conversion of more than 30,000 records and the development of a workflow for scanning and indexing 2,500 new records per week. In addition, we provided a robust image archive for easy search and retrieval, and supplied offsite storage at one of our secure facilities.


The Iron Mountain solution facilitates the timely destruction of paper and electronic records — in keeping with the customer’s retention schedule — enhancing compliance while reducing exposure to discovery and litigation risks.

An International Consulting Firm

Customer challenge

Faced with reductions in the space it used to store employee benefit records, an international consulting firm wanted to create a centralized digital archive of these documents for greater overall access and security.

Iron Mountain solution

Due to the sensitive nature of the files, the firm enlisted Iron Mountain to develop a workflow process that managed all preparation, scanning, indexing and quality-control functions.


By implementing a comprehensive, secure document imaging and storage solution, the firm was able to enhance the control and security of its vital records.

A United States Energy Company

Customer challenge

A US-based nuclear energy company was looking to reduce the risks associated with the on-site storage of Design Change Revisions — documents, drawings, photographs, reports and more pertaining to the ongoing design and improvement of the plant.

Iron Mountain solution

Leveraging its experience in the nuclear utility industry, Iron Mountain designed an imaging program that included transportation between the company’s site and our specialized underground storage facility, conversion of documents across formats and media and post-scanning document storage at a secure facility.


By converting its Design Change Revisions, the energy company enhanced the security of its backup media and provided remote access to authorized users. In addition, the company has been able to capture and preserve existing documentation with a reduced footprint, while eliminating the risks associated with storing copies of these vital records on-site.

An International Security Company

Customer challenge

An international manufacturer of security systems and software, hardware, automatic entrances and residential safety products needed to safeguard its master lock codes — the codes used to reset a malfunctioning locking system — by eliminating paper documents and developing backups of these vital records.

Iron Mountain solution

Iron Mountain delivered a solution comprised of our Document Conversion Services and transfer of completed images that follows a secure chain of custody every step of the way.


Iron Mountain’s solution helped the company free up valuable office space and ensured the safety of its critical master lock codes in the event of a disaster. Additionally, the company was able to more efficiently process and fulfill requests for master lock codes, leading to improvements in customer service.

An Academic Research Center

Customer challenge

One of the world’s premiere centers for the study of alcohol and substance abuse wanted to safeguard the information contained in its laboratory notebooks — vital records containing key research data — without limiting its availability to the scientific community.

Iron Mountain solution

Knowing that it needed to ensure the ongoing recoverability and availability of these documents, the research center looked to Iron Mountain to provide a secure imaging program that preserved the notebooks while maintaining easy access. We delivered a solution that converted the lab notebooks for high availability and created additional offsite copies for disaster recovery purposes.


With our help, the research center was able to preserve the content of notebooks via high quality images, protect information integrity during the imaging process through a tight chain of custody and ensure the long-term preservation of these important documents — all while assuming a lower overall risk profile.

A Hospital Based in the United States

Customer challenge

In order to address an urgent internal litigation issue, the chief privacy officer of a US-based hospital needed to quickly image roughly 1,800 patient files — each of which contained approximately 125 pages — in 10 business days.

Iron Mountain solution

Within eight days, the Iron Mountain team had not only assessed the client’s needs, but also completed the entire imaging process and placed all converted records onto four DVD sets — and delivered it all to the hospital before the deadline.


With Iron Mountain’s help, the hospital was able to avoid the penalties associated with the failing to provide the necessary documents for this particular litigation request by obtaining the proper electronic records and delivering them ahead of schedule.

A Major US Professional Sports League

Customer challenge

A national sports organization was faced with the challenge of managing large volumes of confidential paper and electronic contracts across multiple departments, while providing roughly 100 employees with the ability to manage emails as records from their desktops.

Iron Mountain solution

Iron Mountain proposed a solution where the sports organization would upgrade to the latest version of our Accutrac Software, which featured a new web interface that streamlined the process of rolling out records across the user base. In addition, the new release of Accutrac included an imaging integration that provided a unified interface from which to manage paper and electronic records.


By implementing the latest version of Accutrac, the sports organization was able to better manage large volumes of contracts, regardless of format or location, enabling it to more effectively address compliance-driven requirements for legal holds and helping it improve overall business processes.

Cut Costs at all Levels

IDC estimates that a 1,000-employee organization will waste between $2.5 and $3.5 million simply searching for nonexistent information, failing to find existing information or recreating information that can’t be found.1

And with the number of paper-based records still growing at a significant rate in the US alone, the costs associated with managing, locating, retrieving and storing documents do not look as though they will decline any time soon.

And yet, with so much vital corporate intellectual property residing on paper, companies are caught in a double bind between controlling costs and keeping the business moving forward. To address these challenges, organizations need to rethink how they manage paper. Instead of storing it on-site, in inefficient, low-security filing systems, paper should be selectively converted to digital records and moved to an archive where the right people can safely and cost-effectively access it at the right time.

Iron Mountain delivers document imaging and archiving solutions that help companies trim the costs connected to managing paper documents, including those related to storage, accessibility, retrieval and destruction. By building comprehensive document conversion workflows, we are able to transform physical documents to digital records and store them in secure repositories following an organization’s specific access and retention guidelines.

We have a substantial history of providing these best practices-based imaging and storage solutions to customers across the globe. In each engagement, we implemented a cost-efficient program that helped to mitigate many of the financial liabilities and penalties businesses typically incur when searching for, reproducing or distributing physical records.

“ Iron Mountain is always responsive and flexible in meeting the needs of our business units. They have helped us manage the costs and maximize the value of our records management processes.”

— Manager, Mail and Logistics Corporate Services, Enterprise Technology Solutions , International Financial Institution

An International Financial Institution

Customer challenge

One of Canada’s largest financial institutions needed to manage all of its records on both the “money in” and “money out” sides of the business, and gain quicker, more efficient access to these files.

Iron Mountain solution

The financial institution turned to Iron Mountain for help with the full breadth of its active document and business records management needs — from filing, storage and retrieval to transporting, scanning and posting.


Acting as a trusted advisor for records management, Iron Mountain has helped the company consolidate records storage, dramatically streamline document capture and retrieval and reduce costs.

With operations throughout Canada and the US, the financial institution operates in a transaction intensive environment that generates large amounts of paper each day. For example, every piece of paper that a teller or ATM receives — such as checks, money orders or bills — has to be stored, yet made easily available when needed. The company had been sending these documents to 15 separate storage centers for archiving — a process that took five days for a document to be filed, and three to four days to retrieve the document if it was needed again.

After performing a thorough analysis of this workflow, Iron Mountain overhauled the process to streamline it and build efficiencies. Now, materials are picked up by an internal courier each day, brought to one of four major service centers in Canada and then sent to our centralized Records Center in Toronto. The documents are sorted, filed and made accessible to the bank via a fax response system.

For example, if a branch wants to verify a customer deposit, we’ll retrieve the deposit slip and get it back to the bank within 15 minutes for an expedited request or within 24 hours for a regular request.

By allowing Iron Mountain to store over five million active, paper-based files and handle over 98 percent of document inquiries, the bank has experienced significant reductions in the time it takes to respond to such requests, leading to better customer service and a reduction in the costs associated with the process.

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center

Customer challenge

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, a 350-bed teaching hospital located in New York City, was looking to enhance patient care via improved records access.

Iron Mountain solution

Iron Mountain helped the hospital transform paper based emergency department files into electronic records and store them in a secure digital archive.


By shortening the time required to access a particular record, Wyckoff realized significant cost reductions and improved patient care.

Patient care comes first at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center. Yet, with a steady flow of patients coming into the hospital’s Emergency Department (ED) and limited on-site filing space, secure storage of, and timely access to, patient records were difficult. As such, retrieving important documents often required significant personnel time and delayed patient care in the ED.

After evaluating a number of potential options to address these challenges, Wyckoff chose Iron Mountain for its stellar industry reputation in records management and its expertise in bringing cost effective, custom solutions to healthcare providers. We responded with a solution that leverages our Document Conversion Service and Digital Record Center for Images.

Upon implementation, the hospital immediately began scanning nine months of historical ED records, which we then uploaded to our secure Digital Record Center for Images. There, the digital ED records are available to Wyckoff staff members around the clock.

With our records management solution in place, Wyckoff has experienced a significant reduction in the time it takes to locate and access a particular ED record — from hours down to just seconds. This has helped the hospital dramatically reduce the costs associated with the process, while enabling it to drive better, more efficient patient care.

“ Iron Mountain is a sure bet for quality improvement. Not only is it easier to access scanned patient records stored with Iron Mountain, but we’ve dramatically reduced patient wait time in the Emergency Department. ”

— Cliff Miller, Vice President, Emergency Services Department, Wyckoff Heights Medical Center

A Uniform Services Firm

Customer challenge

A leading provider of uniforms, apparel and related materials and services to businesses needed to contain the out-of-control costs inherent in the complex process it employed to scan and store invoices, proof-of-delivery statements and other paperwork produced throughout the organization.

Iron Mountain solution

After determining that it only needed to retrieve 11 percent of the some two million documents it scanned each month, the company enlisted Iron Mountain to help it streamline this process. To help the company drive efficiencies and reduce skyrocketing costs, we designed and implemented a solution that leveraged electronic documentation and online access via our Digital Archive system, paired with hardcopy retrieval only when necessary.


With faster document access, the company has saved over $4 million, improved customer service and accelerated customer payments by reducing the time for invoice delivery.

"Iron Mountain was very thorough in the way it approached project management. This was a tremendous group of people who worked well together and really produced results for us."

— Director of Field Systems Implementation, Uniform Services Company

A Products and Services Company

Customer challenge

With nearly 600 loan contracts generated, scanned and filed each day, a products and services company specializing in heavy equipment was seeking a way to more effectively contend with growing volumes of information and eliminate many of the costs associated with managing this process in house.

Iron Mountain solution

Impressed by Iron Mountain’s expertise and collaborative approach to records management, the company partnered with us to create an end-to-end solution that addressed its unique challenges. Specifically, we helped the company centralize all existing loan files at one of our Digital Record Centers for Images, and built a workflow that manages the daily pickup, scanning and storage of all new loan contracts.


The integrated solution we delivered helped the company drive down the costs connected to the internal staff members who previously managed the imaging and filing process — and free up the valuable real estate that was once taken up by over 100 filing cabinets.

Infuse Efficiencies for Improved Operations

It’s stunning to know that 80 percent of corporate employees waste upwards of 30 minutes each day retrieving information, while another 60 percent of respondents report spending over an hour duplicating the work of their colleagues.

In a world where efficiency is king, these figures provide telling proof that many organizations continue to struggle to optimize people, processes and technology resources.

Companies must rethink how they access, manage and store the countless physical records found across departments and locations. In fact, employees the world over are wasting valuable time each day on these unproductive tasks — which only serves to reduce the amount of time they spend making valuable contributions to the organization.

With a wide array of document imaging and storage capabilities, Iron Mountain has helped companies across industries and geographies drive efficiencies and optimize their most valuable internal resources. Using a collaborative approach that considers our customers’ business requirements and technology investments, we develop end-to-end imaging workflows that take physical documents — in whatever their present form might be — and convert them to the proper electronic format. These images are stored in secure, digital archives and made available on demand throughout the organization. This approach gives businesses a streamlined, logical process to follow for all records access, helping to increase efficiencies and improve responsiveness.

As we have demonstrated through hundreds of successful customer engagements, our innovative, best practices-based imaging and storage solutions provide the capabilities organizations rely upon to streamline processes and focus internal resources where they are needed most.

80% of employees waste 30 minutes each day retrieving information.

Motley Rice LLC

Customer challenge

The task of managing records internally was pulling resources away from Motley Rice’s core business. In order to reduce expenses and improve operating efficiencies, they decided to partner with an outside expert to manage their records program.

Iron Mountain solution

Iron Mountain helped design and manage a new storage facility, using secure, cost-effective best practices to handle both archived and open case files, and provides tape backup and shredding services for the firm.


Iron Mountain’s Document Management Solution streamlined Motley Rice’s services, improved efficiency and effectiveness and has allowed the firm to better focus its litigation team on its law practice.

Like most law firms, Motley Rice depends on secure, accessible records. But because the firm handles many long-running and complex cases, such as asbestos lawsuits, records management is especially important. To manage these records, Motley Rice maintained two facilities for storing and servicing records. In 2007, Motley Rice decided it was time to bring in outside document management experts to manage their records in order to streamline operations.

Motley Rice was already using Iron Mountain for tape backup services, as well as some records storage services, so it made sense to consolidate the records services with one trusted vendor.

Iron Mountain helped design the internal layout of the facility and took over the daily operations, including management, staffing and related services. Initially, the onsite records center managed only archived files but our services have been so successful that Motley Rice is transferring open files to the center as well, using Iron Mountain’s ActivFile Solutions, allowing the firm to save more office space and improve efficiencies even further.

The level of service provided by Iron Mountain allows Motley Rice to focus on its growing practices and serve its clients more effectively. Perhaps the biggest benefit of all is peace of mind. Iron Mountain ensures that files are consistently managed using best practices that meet compliance requirements.

" Our first goal was to streamline operations, and we definitely achieved that. We were also able to reduce expenditures by having Iron Mountain manage the facility."

— Hillarie Stecker, Director of Litigation Support, Motley Rice LLC

A Mutual Life Insurance Company

Customer challenge

One of the nation’s largest mutual life insurance companies wanted to enhance the availability and management of the more than seven million active policy files it was storing on an outdated retrieval system.

Iron Mountain solution

Iron Mountain managed the relocation and organization of the insurer’s files and delivered an imaging solution that provides quick and easy document retrieval.


The company realized dramatic improvements in the speed with which records are accessed — cutting average retrieval times from three days to 24 hours.

With over seven million active policy files stored in a 69,000 square foot facility, the sheer volume of physical records and the size of the storage facility made the process of accessing records a slow, inefficient one that could take upwards of three days to complete. These realities caused the insurer to rethink its record management polices and focus on ways to cut costs, drive efficiencies and improve service levels.

The company chose Iron Mountain for this project based on our methodology and two-stage solution that focused on relocating records to a low-cost facility and developing a comprehensive imaging system. During the relocation process, all records were inventoried, verified and affixed with barcode labels. We audited the process each step of the way to ensure that the files were moved efficiently and accurately from the insurer’s location to our facility.

The imaging system we implemented creates, stores and distributes more than 30,000 images daily, providing the company with quick and efficient access to policy folders for both service branches and the company’s corporate office.

Thanks to new technology and a best practice-based records management process, the insurer realized financial savings and improved quality of service and records access. Furthermore, the system improved retrieval time for paper records from three days to 24 hours, and delivered instant access to digitized documents and policy folders.

"The insurer improved retrieval time for paper records from three days to 24 hours, with instant access to digitized documents and policy folders."

A Global Energy Company

Customer challenge

A global energy company was looking to reclaim valuable office space and create a more streamlined means of managing and distributing the contracts it stored on-site, in 40-plus filing cabinets — and improve its ability to locate and deliver documents to satisfy internal requests.

Iron Mountain solution

Realizing that it needed faster document retrieval and transport processes, the company asked Iron Mountain to help it create an efficient conversion program for backfile and day-forward scanning. We worked with the company to devise a plan that managed the on-site packing and categorization of physical records, as well as the shipment, storage and backfile and day-forward scanning of the paper documents at our facility.


This end-to-end document management solution helped the company improve the overall quality of its records management program, streamline access to important records, accelerate business processes, speed responses to internal requests and focus more attention on core business processes.

A Financial Services Firm

Customer challenge

A leading US-based financial services firm with operations in more than 100 countries wanted to outsource its records program management operations, so it could improve compliance, streamline processes, reduce costs and free up more internal resources to focus on its core mission.

Iron Mountain solution

Already an Iron Mountain customer, the firm opted to expand the relationship by working with us to develop a fully managed records program management function. As part of this engagement, we sourced key team members to work directly with the firm at its headquarters and major operating centers. At these sites, Iron Mountain employees are helping the firm with various records program management tasks, including defining policies and workflows, developing retention and destruction schedules and much more.


As a result of this outsourced records program management engagement, the firm is able to help users become more self-reliant, streamline the development and implementation of records retention schedules and better support office closings and relocations, as well as divestitures and acquisitions.

A Publishing Company

Customer challenge

A world-leading publisher of scientific, technical and medical information needed to standardize and streamline publisher-author contract management, administration and storage, so it could more efficiently process royalty payments and accurately respond to author requests.

Iron Mountain solution

When it realized that non-standard, decentralized contract management and storage approaches were hindering its ability to operate efficiently and limiting service quality – especially when faced with an initiative to relocate some 32,000 legal files comprising an estimated 575,000 pages — the publisher looked to Iron Mountain for help. We responded with a solution that applies a best practice-based approach to the management of the document conversion process, including formatting and uploading to the company’s corporate image repository.


Today, this major publisher enjoys the benefits of a consistent, centralized and easily accessible contract repository — one that boosts productivity and streamlines and supports publisher-author relations via standardized and properly indexed documents.

A Global Professional Services Company

Customer challenge

Faced with the impending move of its shared services center to a much smaller location, a leading global professional services organization needed to transfer such critical documents as intern and candidate applications, employee files and I-9 forms to a new storage facility — without hindering its ability to respond quickly to corporate and employee requests.

Iron Mountain solution

After assessing the organization’s needs, taking key customer contacts on a tour of two Iron Mountain facilities and demonstrating our scanning process, chain of custody and security measures, we helped the company implement a hosted image repository (leveraging Iron Mountain’s Digital Record Center for Images) that provides secure, rapid access to digitized versions of its critical records.


With our help, the professional services organization was able to free up valuable space in the new, smaller shared services center, alleviate security, compliance and chain of custody concerns, provide fast document access at remote offices and respond to employee and corporate requests in a timely manner.

A Global Financial Institution

Customer challenge

Following a compelling event, a global financial institution sought to reengineer its records management program to enhance security and compliance — and make human resource information more readily available to employees in remote offices.

Iron Mountain solution

An Iron Mountain customer since 1989, the company once again turned to us to help it execute this new program. In response, we worked with the institution to devise a hybrid document management solution that scanned and uploaded the most critical documents to an image repository for on-demand access. Following this first step, we helped the company image and store the remainder of its human resources documents for efficient retrieval across the organization.


Since this latest implementation, the institution has imaged over five million documents, electronically backed up each file and securely stored them all in a centralized image repository to speed response to human resource requests.

"Once documents are uploaded, people can access what they need from their desktop. That was the big value I saw, having things immediately available without needing to request them."

— Vice President, Document Management, Global Financial Institution

60% of employees spend an hour or more duplicating the work of others.

A Worldwide IT Company

Customer challenge

After accumulating volumes of microfiche images of decades-old human resources files, a worldwide IT company realized that the time had come to implement a new model that would digitize these critical records, eliminate the aging equipment needed to view them, provide broader records access and speed responses to increasing human resources requests.

Iron Mountain solution

We worked with the IT company to develop a hybrid solution that focused on back-file scanning of only a portion of the microfiche and storing the remaining files in one of our climate-controlled underground vaults for scanning as business needs dictate. In addition, the solution arranged for the upload of all scanned documents to a digital archive, where they are accessible on demand to employees in the company’s human resources and benefits departments.


After implementing the hybrid solution, the IT company became better positioned to meet the compliance requirements associated with its human resources files, drive efficiencies, quickly respond to human resources requests and provide higher quality service to its employees.

About Iron Mountain Document Management Solutions

Iron Mountain Document Management Solutions help organizations create a comprehensive, fully integrated document management program that provides complete visibility and access to all business records — where and when they are needed. You can become more effective and efficient managing employee information, supplier agreements, contracts, customer relationships and more. Our enhanced access and control can speed business processes and decision-making, improve customer service and support compliance requirements. For more information on Iron Mountain’s Document Management Solutions, visit Iron Mountain Canada.