What if you could reliably track the progress of your backup media along every step of the transportation route?

Protecting your company’s backup data is a vital part of protecting your brand, reputation, compliance status and even the health of your business. With our Dedicated Transportation service you can be confident that your backup media is transported securely between your facilities and our offsite storage vaults. Get a Free Quote »

Iron Mountain Dedicated Transportation service:

  • Securely transports your media in a dedicated vehicle equipped with Iron Mountain InControl® solution that delivers patented security, tracking, and auditable chain of custody
  • Uses drivers who are thoroughly vetted, with the option of assigning a second, highly-trained Iron Mountain employee to stay with your media at all times
  • Offers special add-on options, such as air transport, Disaster Recovery Test programs, and “one-time-only” tape library moves

What You Gain

  • Peace of mind that your organization's sensitive information is securely transported following a dedicated route from your location to an Iron Mountain storage facility and back again
  • Reduced risk of inadvertent disclosures through innovative, patented safeguards across the entire dedicated transportation process
  • A trusted transportation partner with millions of annual data protection deliveries