Extending Security and Best Practices To Remote Areas

How do you ensure your backup media—especially media from remote office locations—reaches its storage destination safe and secure when it’s transported by third-party couriers? Get a Free Quote »

You need to know that all of your critical backup media is:

  • secured while in transit and at rest
  • stored in the right environmental conditions
  • quickly and easily retrieve it when needed

Without those key components the time you invest in backing up data won't return the level of protection you need. But what if there is a special circumstance and you need a third-party courier to transport media to an Iron Mountain vault?

What if you could know your backup media was transported securely when:

  • Your headquarters and branch locations are separated by a considerable distance, but you wish to centralize the storage of all backup media at the Iron Mountain vault near your primary data center?
  • One of your branch offices is in a remote location that is outside Iron Mountain’s delivery area?
  • Your organization operates in a highly regulated industry, such as government, and therefore must comply with media-storage polices and audit guidelines, but is located far from the closest Iron Mountain vault that meets these specialized requirements?

Enter the Iron Mountain® MediaCare™

Whenever you are faced with a situation requiring third-party transportation services to bring your tapes to Iron Mountain, our MediaCare™ service is there. It provides peace of mind that once your media arrives at our vault, it is immediately received according to the same security measures and best practices that apply to every tape and electronic record delivered via an Iron Mountain vehicle. MediaCare™ helps allows you to:

  • Help remote offices adhere to your data backup and recovery program
  • Achieve a unified view of your backup media regardless of how it’s transported to the Iron Mountain vault
  • Accelerate response times to audit, legal discovery and disaster recovery events

What You Gain

  • Confidence that your offsite media is treated with the high levels of care and security you’ve come to expect from Iron Mountain
  • Sound, secure and consistent data protection processes that deliver high levels of control to media stored at an Iron Mountain vault, regardless of delivery method or point of origin
  • The ability to recover information quickly and effectively in response to audit, discovery or disaster events