What if you could monitor, manage, search, locate and retrieve your data online through an easy-to-use, secure web interface – anytime, anyplace?

Stop worrying about your backup tapes and free up costly staff time by making SecureSync a part of your tape management program. Get a Free Quote »

It’s happened – you’re unable to produce the data you need for litigation requests and audits, while at the same time also keeping your business running.

Find What You Need When You Need It

You’ll have 24/7 access to your offsite data without being constrained to normal business hours with SecureSync®, the Iron Mountain online data tracking software. Best of all, SecureSync is automatically available to you at no charge when Iron Mountain is your Offsite Tape Vaulting service provider

SecureSync offers everything you need to track your media at Iron Mountain facilities, as well as to schedule pickups, view reports, store and access your disaster recovery plan, and more:

  • Automated media pickups
  • Online tracking of media to reduce staff burdens and manual errors
  • Real-time online inventory of tapes distributed to, stored in, and returning from Iron Mountain
  • Tracking of media at recovery sites during a disaster event or test
  • Status and exception reports
  • Ability to manage administrative and authorization tasks easily and quickly—anytime, anywhere

What You Gain

  • Technology and expertise you need to ensure you can get back up and running should the unexpected happen.
  • You’ll know you’re protected because you’ll have access to rigorous, industry-leading protocols for protecting media while in transit and at rest.
  • And, because your media is managed following proven procedures and best practices, you’ll be confident in your ability to find what you need when you need it, any time an internal or external source requests data from a specific tape.