What if you could follow a tape library relocation plan that both addresses your chain of custody concerns and meets your target date for completing the move?

Here’s the good news: You can safely move your media to a secure Iron Mountain offsite tape vault or to your offsite location using the Iron Mountain® Tape Library Moves service. Get a Free Quote »

This value-added service helps you:

  • Define your media relocation needs and the potential impacts of a move
  • Establish a plan that incorporates best practices, focusing first and foremost on media security
  • Monitor the relocation status throughout the project with frequent progress reports
  • Reassign your in-house staff to focus on more critical tasks

After managing thousands of tape library relocations, Iron Mountain’s experts have developed best practices to ensure the safety of your media.

From assessing objectives and scheduling key project milestones to packing and securely transporting your tapes, your tape library will be safeguarded from point of pickup to final destination.

Online Tracking and Reporting

Your entire move will be transparent to you, so you can find what you need when you need it. Tape Library Moves service customer gain access to SecureSync®, Iron Mountain’s web-based media tracking software, which allows you to:

  • Schedule media pickups and deliveries
  • Perform a real-time, online inventory of backup tapes distributed to, stored in, or returning from the Iron Mountain vault
  • Access informative status and discrepancy reports
  • Manage administrative tasks easily and quickly any time and from anywhere

What You Gain

  • A proven, innovative, and best-practiced approach to secure tape library relocation
  • A team of experts who manage every aspect of your tape library move – from planning and inventory to delivery and set up
  • Devote your full attention to other business-critical activities while your tape library relocation is completed