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Once a litigation action occurs, our team of consultants can provide you with guidance on a particular matter while helping to improve outcomes with unbroken chain of custody from document identification to collection, to preservation to review, analysis and production for both physical and digital data. Get a Free Quote »

Iron Mountain's team of consulting professionals has deep expertise with records and information management, document classification, litigation readiness, and litigation and investigatory responses. We can help alleviate the stress on your business-and your budget-by working with you to design, build and execute legally-defensible, yet pragmatic, records and information management policies and programs to meet growing global regulatory compliance obligations, and mitigate the rising risks and costs of litigation.

Iron Mountain Consulting provides our clients with expert advice in the following areas:

  • Records Management - Offering expertise in records classification schema, retention destruction policies and schedules, and compliance monitoring.
  • Discovery Management - Offering expertise in litigation readiness planning, complex matter guidance and dispute advisory services.

Once your records and information management program is in place, Iron Mountain will be there every-step of the way to ensure your personnel are appropriately trained, so your organization will be able to maximize your program's benefits. Iron Mountain Consulting provides classroom and/or web-based training services on a continuing education basis to ensure proper training is obtained as our solutions are modified, updated and improved.

Iron Mountain Consulting is uniquely qualified to help organizations around the globe optimize their businesses by reducing the costs, complexity, and risks associated with information management. We have solutions for companies of every size-from small businesses to the Fortune 1000.