Safely and Securely Store your Data for Discovery

The pressure is on your organization to make discovery a well-defined, streamlined and repeatable process. And yet, as the amount of paper, backup media and digital records you must manage continues to grow, it can be a major challenge to quickly locate the resources needed to address litigation requirements without introducing considerable costs, risks and inefficiencies into the process. Get a Free Quote »

We can help you:

  • Convert physical files to digital
  • Safely store your data for discovery
  • Save time and money with an experienced partner

With Iron Mountain's Data Restoration services, you can tackle that challenge head on and gain the peace of mind of knowing that all backup media, hardcopy documents and digital records are secured and managed following proven best practices. This turn-key solution provides you the ability to quickly identify potentially relevant data and efficiently restore (and access) the data you need enabling you to be prepared for pending discovery requests.

With this service, we not only scan your electronic media efficiently and accurately, but we also purge duplicates and index all of the restored files. Then we safely store them in our secure yet accessible digital archive or, if you prefer, we can deliver them to you for your own safekeeping in your required format -- giving you complete visibility and control of your information for discovery on-demand.

Iron Mountain Data Restoration Services Ensure:

  • Information such as email, attachments, and other important metadata are included in search and retrieval efforts.
  • Tracking and log user interaction, so you’ll know who has accessed the restored eRecords, and when.
  • Security of your stored records during legal proceedings by individually tailoring multiple access levels to define and/or limit who has access to certain information.