An intelligent approach to digital imaging and document conversion

Document Conversion Services will streamline your organization's ability to store, access and manage documents, while cutting costs and stress. Our solution allows you to scan and digitize new information, convert pre-existing documents to digital formats and archive everything in a way that maximizes your ability to store and access the information you need—without compromising your budget in the process. Get a Free Quote »

Our services include:

  • Backfile Document Imaging — Fast, efficient bulk conversion of existing records to electronic form.
  • Day Forward Imaging — Convenient, cost-effective for newly created documents.
  • Image on Demand™ — Sophisticated services for paper-based documents with low retrieval needs.
  • Seamless interfaces with existing document management system
  • Best practices for document security, access and compliance
  • Rapid implementation with little or no capital investment

Scanning 100% of your documents is rarely a prudent or cost-effective strategy. That’s why Iron Mountain’s Document Imaging provides intelligent scanning based on your unique access requirements. Frequently accessed documents are scanned and available immediately; rarely accessed documents are not scanned until requested, and are then delivered through our Image On Demand service. It’s a “pay as you go” approach that minimizes conversion costs while still meeting all of your document access requirements.

Our desktop document capture capabilities further streamline digital conversion allowing you to upload imaged documents from scanners, network-connected copiers or fax machines—at any location—to a secure Iron Mountain server. It’s an efficient process that instantly makes data accessible to authorized users anywhere even as it allows you to control what you scan, how it's indexed for storage and how it can be accessed.