Backfile and Day Forward Document Imaging

Document conversion has a reputation for being expensive and difficult to cost-justify. The numbers just don’t work when you convert documents to digital purely to avoid storage costs when you will view only 1%. Yet, the conversion from paper to digital is critical in business today to remain efficient and competitive. Get a Free Quote »

As the global authority on information management and a leading provider of document imaging solutions, Iron Mountain’s team of trusted experts is dedicated to working with you to provide convenient, fully searchable access to key documents while ensuring security, compliance and cost-effectiveness.

Iron Mountain can help you establish a fast, efficient process for the bulk conversion of existing records to electronic form, increasing accessibility and reducing—or even eliminating—onsite storage requirements with our Backfile Document Imaging Services.

For converting newly created documents to electronic form—both to streamline your workflow and to minimize future storage requirements and costs—our experts can help you establish a convenient, cost-effective conversion process that integrates smoothly with your existing business processes and supports your records retention schedule with Day Forward Imaging. Our Discovery Services will also streamline your ability to collect and organize the documents you need to respond to litigation and discovery requests.

All of the scanned records can be stored in an Iron Mountain hosted image archive, such as our Digital Record Center® for Images, or on your organization’s own electronic document management (EDM) system.

Iron Mountain’s Imaging Solutions make the conversion of your existing records to a digital format an affordable, efficient and strategically sound decision.