Document Management Workflow Consulting

Does your document management workflow work for you? Each year, businesses turn to Iron Mountain’s trusted consultants to evaluate their processes, recommend customized strategies and implement solutions that streamline the management of their physical and digital information. Get a Free Quote »

Working closely with your records management staff, Iron Mountain’s document management workflow consultants develop strategies that help you to:

  • Streamline core business processes
  • Reduce document management costs and complexity
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase the productivity of your professional staff
  • Enhance adherence to compliance requirements

Starting with a detailed evaluation of your document management environment, our team compares your current workflows to industry best practices and performs an objective, detailed cost analysis. We use this information, together with your input, to provide you with a set of recommendations that often include paper document management, conversion of physical records to electronic formats and the streamlining of existing workflows—customized to address your specific needs. We then complete the process by providing implementation and training support, to ensure the smooth transition to your new document management environment.

The exponential growth in the complexity of document management processes and compliance calls for strategically designed and precisely executed records management workflow. Put the expertise of our consultants to work for you by calling us today.