Accelerate your Journey to Information Governance

Information is critical to providing effective patient care, and health systems today are facing unprecedented growth in the volume and variety of data. With the adoption of Electronic Medical Records, Health Information Management (HIM) Professionals must integrate the EMR with existing physical records management processes and provide timely access to critical health information while maintaining compliance with information governance practices. Get a Free Quote »

Offsite Records Storage

Working with Iron Mountain’s portfolio of health information management solutions, you can leverage proven processes to scan your physical records into your EMR for easy retrieval and access, supporting patient care. With our national network of secure, offsite storage facilities, you can cost effectively store, manage, and safeguard your information – enabling you to repurpose your space for revenue generating activities.

Secure Destruction

And, as information ages past its retention period, it can be securely destroyed in a compliant, reliable and cost-effective way, enabling you to avoid a breach. Leveraging these proven processes can help to better manage your information throughout its lifecycle – and enable enterprise-wide Information Governance.