Digitize clinical and business records and accelerate your transition to the Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

Leveraging Iron Mountain’s network of imaging centers, you reduce the limitations of a hybrid environment, making your information available from a centralized, electronic source. This means fast access as well as improved control and visibility. Get a Free Quote »

Imaging for Clinical and Business Records

As your staff requests specific records, the medical documents can be retrieved, scanned, and quickly made available to support your patient care and business needs. By selectively imaging information, you can reduce conversion costs and realize the benefits of your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and other business applications.

Backfile and Day Forward Imaging

For existing paper records that are taking up valuable hospital space, you can utilize backfile-scanning services to enable an efficient process for bulk conversion of the medical records to electronic format. Or, for records that are created on paper, you can utilize day-forward scanning services to convert your records to electronic format for integration into clinical and business applications.