Free up valuable lab space and keep the integrity of your slides and blocks intact.

Your pathology specimens are stored offsite in our local, highly secure, temperature-controlled environment to ensure long-term preservation. Pathology storage can scale as needed to control costs and eliminate the need to find additional onsite storage space. Get a Free Quote »

Best Practice Workflows

Iron Mountain’s service leverages pathology-specific procedures, based on best practices that are designed to ensure the secure movement of irreplaceable specimens. Prior to transport, your slides and blocks are secured in custom-designed, shock-absorbent containers that provide both physical and temperature controls. During transit, our highly experienced drivers use real-time, wireless scanning to maintain an auditable chain-of-custody.

Ordering and Tracking

Iron Mountain Connect™, our online web portal, allows you to track and order your specimens at the accession level, manage your retention policy, view reports, and schedule pickups from any location with Internet access. These robust tracking capabilities provide improved visibility so that you can confidently store and manage your slides and blocks throughout their entire lifecycle.