Do you have the basic elements of a defensive records and information management (RIM) program in place?

If not, your organization may be exposed to risk. Even if you do have pockets of records management here or there, you are probably struggling with consistency and enforcement across your departments and locations, leaving you insecure in your ability to face regulatory or legal scrutiny. When you lack a credible RIM program, complying with the regulations that govern you is impossible. Get a Free Quote »

Iron Mountain Records and Information Management 360°™ solution for the Program Accelerator gives you the tools you need to:

  • Design a legally credible RIM program where your records are retained and disposed of according to policy.
  • Develop a map of the tactics and timelines to resolve any of your program gaps.
  • Strategize for consistent adoption across your enterprise and a roadmap for bringing this to life.

Take advantage of our experts who will provide insights you’ll need to establish, manage and customize your records management program, including addressing the complexities of complying with state and federal regulations.