What if you could retrieve to your records anytime, anywhere, any format without storing them in an empty office down the hall?

Having information, whether electronic or physical, at your fingertips is necessary in order to operate your business in the most efficient way. And you may be incurring unnecessary capital costs and risk if you’re storing your information in-house, in a dedicated warehouse or self-storage facility. Get a Free Quote »

Iron Mountain Records and Information Management 360°™ solution for the Space Maker helps you to repurpose your real estate or shrink your footprint with a secure, flexible offsite storage program that can scale to fit your fluctuating needs.

Store your records offsite and learn how to:

  • Secure records retrieval: Control access to your records like you control who has access to your building keeping your information safe
  • Convenient records retrieval: Give space back to your employees who feel suffocated by the increasing amount of information surrounding them and decreasing space to do their jobs
  • Faster records retrieval: Reduce the wasted time spent searching for the right document at the right time

Companies today focus on reducing the space allocated per employee while expecting greater productivity. So your productivity problem has grown exponentially if you are filling up your shrinking space with paper. The longer you do nothing, the more money you’re wasting. Can you really afford to throw money in the trash?