Records Management Programs

Iron Mountain’s team of consultants has extensive real world experience. We understand many of the day-to-day difficulties that you face. We have the know-how to not only solve today’s problems, but we’ll provide strategies that will prepare you for any issues that may arise in the future, wherever you do business. Get a Free Quote »

Our consultants will help you develop a professional and comprehensive Records Management program for the duration of your information’s lifecycle, regardless of its format – paper or electronic. Iron Mountain offers a full range of services and solutions that are designed to ensure the proper management of your information assets and effectively minimize your costs and risks.

Choose all of our Consulting Services or just the ones that you feel meet your individual organization’s needs. Whatever services you select—you can rest assured that Iron Mountain will help you establish a compliant records management program that is right for you.

As part of our comprehensive Records Management Services we offer:

  • Policy and procedure development
  • Organizational guidance
  • Retention Schedule development and legal research
  • Training
  • eLearning courses for records management awareness
  • Communication and publicity templates

Iron Mountain Consulting combination of unparalleled knowledge and implementation experience helps ensure that your organization will:

  • Comply with recordkeeping requirements to minimize regulatory risks across physical and electronic records

Minimize litigation risk in light of new legislative requirements regarding electronic information