Create a Compliant Document Destruction Program

A secure shredding program is an effective way to meet the compliance requirements of privacy and information disposal laws at the federal and provincial level. But developing a compliant, defensible information destruction program presents many challenges. Get a Free Quote »

Most organizations lack the time or expertise to effectively design and implement a compliant program. In fact, many do not have clear shredding or information disposal policies to begin with, or they don’t have access to information for assessing employee compliance across different offices or locations.

And without the proper tools for monitoring a program’s value or effectiveness, a company can put itself in serious business risk or non-compliance.

Iron Mountain is your trusted adviser for compliant information destruction

In response, Iron Mountain has pioneered a program-focused approach to the proper disposal and secure shredding of sensitive paper-based documents. We are the leading provider of managed programs for the secure, compliant, cost-effective and environmentally responsible destruction of information.

We have the experience and expertise to help you create a compliant information destruction program that will protect your company and brand across multiple locations and geographies.

  • We employ experts who will work directly with you to craft a program that will meet your organization’s goals. Our implementation teams will get your program up and running quickly and efficiently.
  • We possess the depth of knowledge to help you develop your organization’s information disposal policy
  • We provide exclusive reporting, tools and guidance, that enable you to assess your program from both financial and compliance perspectives, including program monitoring, utilization and employee compliance
  • We offer a suite of communications and implementation templates, which can be modified to address the unique requirements of your organization
  • We provide a variety of informational resources to keep you up-to-date on the laws directly impacting your organization, plus trends, recommendations and expert guidance

Iron Mountain’s Secure Shredding service is AAA certified by the National Association for Information Destruction. Iron Mountain is proud to have taken a leadership role in the development of NAID’s standards, which focus on operational workflows and security. We are the largest shredding vendor to achieve NAID certification.

Trust Iron Mountain to guide your organization with our proven expertise in information management and exclusive tools and reports designed to support your Compliant Information Destruction program.