Software-as-a-Service Escrow

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model for accessing software and applications is skyrocketing in popularity. And while it promises a strong return on investment, low overhead and rapid application deployment, it also brings inherent risks. Iron Mountain's Software-as-a-Service Escrow Solutions help you to manage these risks comprehensively and strategically. Get a Free Quote »

The SaaSProtect Escrow Service™ Model

In any SaaS relationship, subscribers must consider the possibility that their provider may go out of business, undergo unexpected, significant outages or experience other service interruptions. Iron Mountain's SaaSProtect Escrow Service is intended to enhance trust between both parties while simultaneously minimizing risk of disruptions to business continuity.

In a traditional software licensing model, a developer (licensor) delivers executable software to an end user (licensee), who in turn runs that executable code locally, on-premises. In a SaaS subscription model, however, the end-user (subscriber) utilizes none of the software on premises. Rather, the SaaS provider hosts the application on servers in their datacenter, and the end user simply accesses the application over the Internet through a browser. The data generated by the end-user's application use resides on the SaaS provider's servers as well. As a result, if the SaaS provider experiences an extended interruption of service, the end-user has no copy of executable software to serve as a backup and has no access to the valuable historical data created. This is where SaaSProtect Escrow Service comes in.

SaaSProtect Escrow Service complements the benefits of traditional source code escrow with a separate escrow account for storing executable code and an automated data backup and recovery service. All work together to protect access to critical SaaS applications and subscriber data in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Source code is securely deposited in its own escrow account to enable SaaS subscribers to recreate the application development environment if the SaaS provider discontinues operation or ceases support. Executable code is deposited in its own escrow account to enable disaster recovery and application continuity in the event of an extended SaaS service disruption or outage. Further, the release of executable code from escrow is governed by pre-defined "demand release" conditions designed to minimize application downtime and enhance business continuity for the SaaS subscriber.

Safeguard your SaaS applications and data

Iron Mountain founded the technology escrow industry in 1982, and today we continue to develop the innovative services and solutions that help you minimize the risks of SaaS while ensuring business continuity. Our SaaSProtect Escrow Service is a true industry first: combining comprehensive escrow protection with Iron Mountain's award-winning LiveVault® Online Backup and Recovery Service to ensure that you always have access to critical SaaS applications and data.

Iron Mountain offers Software-as-a-Service subscribers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Safeguarding your business by enabling business continuity in the event of a prolonged service outage or unexpected shutdown
  • Protecting your ongoing investment in SaaS solutions
  • Improving protection of proprietary data with limited or no IT involvement
  • Meeting data recovery requirements in the event of a disaster
  • Convenient and secure online account management through Iron Mountain Escrow Management Center
  • Protecting the integrity of your escrow agreement through Iron Mountain's Escrow Verification Services, which ensures that what you're paying to escrow reflects what you actually need

SaaS providers also benefit by:

  • Building trust with customers by addressing technology protection concerns head-on with value-added escrow services from the global industry leader
  • Validating your ownership of technology assets and intellectual property with a development audit trail
  • Ensuring user convenience and information security with unlimited depositing, electronic depositing, secure destruction of materials, and automatic notification
  • Convenient and secure online account management through Iron Mountain Escrow Management Center

Iron Mountain's SaaSProtect Escrow Service is, in essence, a powerful risk management tool for companies involved on both sides of Software-as-a-Service relationships. By assuring application and data availability, we help to foster trust between all parties—and make peace of mind an attainable goal.

Need some guidance with SaaS escrow concerns?

Iron Mountain offers consulting services to help our clients with the planning and implementation of technology escrow solutions and best practices.