Information and Records Management Services for the Federal Government

For decades, the federal government has turned to Iron Mountain for information and records management storage services. Iron Mountain’s extensive experience allows federal agencies to free up valuable office and onsite storage space while receiving unparalleled security, full access to records when needed and auditable compliance with federal regulations. Get a Free Quote »

What if you could change the way you exchange information in order to accomplish your Canadian Governmental business?

As a federal entity, you need to strike a unique balance when it comes to information management. On the one hand, you need to collect, exchange and analyze large amounts of sensitive information and make it accessible and usable to authorized parties. On the other, you need to ensure the security and integrity of that information.

With Iron Mountain Government Services for Federal Departments, Agencies, Bureaus and Commissions, you can do just that while improving efficiency and reducing costs. Services include full lifecycle information management expertise, practical advice and industry-leading processes:

  • Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has released their directive on how their Regional Service Centres will be operating and closing in the short term: all closures by June 2015. You have the opportunity to utilize one of the three Standing Offers that Iron Mountain has across Canada, making us the ONLY vendor able to provide a national solution
  • Organize, store and securely destroy paper records as part of your requirement to fulfill the LAC directive
  • Combine paper files, digital information and hybrid files in a manner consistent with each Department’s, Agency’s, Bureau’s or Commission’s unique needs
  • Enable continuity of operations in the unfortunate event of a disaster by organizing and protecting all data—regardless of format, media or location—with a full suite of backup, recovery and archival services
  • Gain the tools you need to organize data for convenient retrieval of Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) requests, internal audits and eDiscovery

A solution Canadians can take confidence in.
While some Canadians are concerned about storing their information with Iron Mountain Canada because of the USA Patriot Act, the Canadian government entities have nothing to fear. With the US Sovereign Immunities Act, foreign states such as Canada are immune to the jurisdiction of US courts. To find out more about how Canadian government information is safeguarded from the USA Patriot Act, click here.

Ease of operation with Iron Mountain. Think National.
You’ll find working with Iron Mountain easy and convenient. We are the only vendor with 3 standing offers across Canada, making us the only national solution. Taking advantage of our services is easy:

Call-up Instrument: The Work will be authorized or confirmed by the Identified Users using form PWGSC-TPSGC 942, "Call-up Against a Standing Offer”.

Existing Iron Mountain Standing Offers:

  • Atlantic: 5Z011-090278/001/LM
  • Central: 5Z011-090278/002/LM
  • Western: 5Z011-090278/003/LM
  • BC Shred: E6VIC-110004/001/VIC