Take control of your insurance and claims process

Like the majority in the insurance industry, much of your day is spent answering requests from your colleagues/management, policy-holders, auditors and regulators - each of whom is requesting specific records, in multiple formats, from different locations. And while you are wasting time searching for these documents, you are spending less time on the critical business tasks. Moreover, when you struggle to find what's needed for an audit, compliance inquiry or litigation request, the potential for fines and other penalties skyrockets. Get a Free Quote »

We Can Help You:

  • Convert physical files to digital
  • Gain easy access to files from anywhere
  • Cost-effectively scan the files I need, when I need
  • Save time and money by partnering with experts

With Iron Mountain's Insurance solution, you can now streamline and centralize your insurance claims and new policies with a centralized management process to accelerate responses to internal requests. This solution can help you ensure that policy documentation is managed in a consistent, compliant manner, and make the information needed to adjudicate and pay customer claims readily available by moving the production of new insurance policies or the payment of claims to a paperless environment. Centralized Insurance Policy and Claims Management

This solution leverages Iron Mountain Document Conversion Services and our network of Records and Imaging Centers to give you a secure, end-to-end process to help you gain tighter control over the documents needed to satisfy both internal and external requests. You'll also have access to a single-source conversion program that digitizes your hardcopy documents as needed, in a scope that can be easily dialed up or down to match your changing business demands.

Furthermore, you'll gain the benefit of Iron Mountain's expertise, proven best practices and patented technology to ensure the safety and integrity of your physical and electronic records and provide you with a rigorous chain-of custody, enabling you to further drive down costs and improve the protection and accessibility of sensitive financial records.