Fully Integrated Law Firm Services

With Iron Mountain’s integrated law firm services you simplify administration and lower the costs of information management. Get a Free Quote »

Manage What Matters

Law firms are going through tremendous change today. Clients continue to demand lower costs and more efficient legal services. Attorneys want their documents, yesterday. You’re constantly challenged to do more with less and it’s not going away any time soon. It’s only getting worse. The information keeps growing and there are not enough hours in the day – you have to manage what matters.

With our integrated law firm services you simplify administration and lower the costs of information management. You’ll quickly access paper and electronic files wherever you and your clients are located around the world. You defensibly manage the volume of your paper and electronic information with proven law firm best practices. And you’ll be confident that your firm and client confidential information is safe with our rock solid security protocols and the only patented transportation technology in the industry. When all of your information is well managed, you can be creative and focus on what matters most to your clients.

Law Firm Solutions

Records Management Services
With our Records Management Services, you’ll have proven retention and destruction best practices for managing growing volumes of firm and client information. Our vast network of storage facilities allows you to store locally and quickly access documents from anywhere in the world. Plus, you’ll have access to Iron Mountain Connect, an online portal where you can keep your policy and program information, view reports and schedule pick-ups.

Document Imaging Services
With our Document Imaging Services, you can manage your hybrid world of paper and electronic information and go "paperless" at your own pace with our Image on Demand Services. You can house the images in the Digital Records Center for Images, or in your own repository. Plus, you can turn over large-scale scanning litigation or investigation projects to our Litigation Support Service.

Secure Shredding Services
Our Secure Shredding Services give you a secure, auditable and environmentally friendly means for destroying eligible files and media. You’ll get a green certificate to support your firm and client sustainability initiatives.

Consulting Services
You can rely on our Consulting Services to help you develop a defensible records policy and retention schedule for both firm and client information. Our experts will also help you implement best practices for managing paper and electronic records, and map out your paper-to-digital transition.