Get easy, secure access to your mortgage documents

Your mortgage business is facing unprecedented challenges, including the negative impact of low origination volumes on your bottom line. Meanwhile, you also have to process the mountains of paperwork related to foreclosures and regulatory mandates. Coping with these challenges is no small task, especially when the information you need to serve internal customers, borrowers and regulators resides in paper and electronic formats. Get a Free Quote »

We Can Help You:

  • Implement a scalable imaging program
  • Classify and re-stack mortgage files - upfront or as needed
  • Reduce time to organize and package a loan portfolio for sale
  • Gain easy access to files from anywhere
  • Gain tighter control over mortgage documents
  • Reduce regulatory and compliance risk

How does this affect you?

  • The longer it takes to find a specific file and associated trailing documents, the harder it is to focus on generating new loan revenue and minimizing risk exposure.
  • Your inability to easily access and share a complete mortgage file limits how much you profit from selling off existing loans.
  • Loans that are inconsistently stored and organized jeopardize the security of sensitive information and could lead to failed audits, compliance reviews or even buybacks.

Iron Mountain's Mortgage solution will help you organize your loans, be prepared for audits and enable you to quickly and securely sell your loans. By combining our document conversion and classification services, web-based image hosting services and comprehensive records management services, you can quickly streamline the process of selling a loan, reduce the risk of losing files and gain improved accessibility, organization and security of loan files.

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