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You create confidential information every day. We focus on safeguarding that information.

Thousands of local businesses, just like yours, rely on Iron Mountain every day to protect what matters.

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Small Business Backup Solutions

Over 80,000 small/medium local businesses, just like yours, have relied on Iron Mountain’s backup solutions for 60+ years to protect what matters.

Secure Shredding

It’s time to make the switch to professional grade shredding equipment and services.

Iron Mountain® Secure Shredding services utilize industrial-strength shredders designed to ensure your information is securely destroyed according to industry standards. We provide customizable, local shredding options for your small business -- onsite, offsite, one-time or recurring. Learn More

Want to figure out the true costs of shredding? Try our shredding calculator.

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Records Storage

It’s time to get organized with offsite records storage.

With Iron Mountain® Records Storage solutions for small businesses you'll free up office or storage space for more productive activities. When you need your documents back, it's simple. Through the Iron Mountain Connect ™ online interface you'll have 24/7 visibility to your stored document inventory—helping you understand what you have, where it is, and how to retrieve it in either digital or physical form. Learn more

Offsite Tape Vaulting

Your small business backup solution should be easy, consistent, and affordable—protect your data the right way with offsite tape vaulting.

Iron Mountain® Offsite Tape Vaulting provides you with a comprehensive solution for transporting, storing, managing and retrieving your backup tapes from a secure, offsite facility. Learn more

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Cloud Backup

Onsite server storage is a thing of the past. Companies concerned with bandwidth and data accessibility are looking to the cloud for backup.

Backing up your server onsite leaves your company vulnerable. The solution—secure and reliable cloud backup. An automated system with full failover redundancy protects your business for the future. Learn more

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