Natural disasters or severe weather conditions are always a concern for businesses. The damage they cause can be devastating, and their element of surprise can catch unprepared companies off guard. Of course, it’s not only mother nature that can cause interruption. Incidents of lost data or even failed equipment can put your business at risk. Taking action today can help put your organization in the best position to handle a crisis tomorrow.

The power of preparedness: plan for the unexpected

A comprehensive preparedness plan that is well understood and effectively practiced by every member of your organization can help you avoid or quickly overcome a business interruption, whether anticipated or not. The resources and information included in this section may be of help as you plan for such contingencies.

Many companies have disaster preparedness plans, but most of them focus on what to do after a disaster, not during or before. If your organization has a national or international customer base, many of those that count on you won’t be experiencing the same conditions, and therefore won’t necessarily understand a break in service. If your business serves a local community exclusively, then servicing customers when other local businesses are offline or unable to service customers, is a distinct advantage.

Safeguard your information

If you have entrusted your organization’s information backup, records management, or off-site storage with Iron Mountain, and your business is faced with an interruption, we will be doing everything we can to safeguard your information. Learn more

Plan ahead

Take some time and initiative to plan ahead for potential disasters. Create a schedule and stay ahead of any future incidents that can interrupt your business. Learn more