Hurricane hazards can threaten you and your business. Know the hazards and create a plan to guard against personal harm and business loss and interruption. Learn about Ten Steps You Can Take Today

Watches. Warnings. Category 1 through Category 5. There’s a lot of information to decipher when it comes to hurricanes. But one thing is clear from the start: protecting your business against a hurricane disruption takes preparation.

With a comprehensive hurricane preparedness plan for your business, you can keep your priority on safety, and not worry if you’re ready or capable to maintain business continuity.

Ask yourself: If a hurricane arrives tomorrow, will my organization survive it? A great place to start is by reading, then implementing the Ten Steps You Can Take Today

Know the storm

There are several stages of a hurricane requiring action ranging from simple awareness, to critical reaction. You need to know when you are at greatest risk. June 1st through November 30th is hurricane season, and the most likely time that a storm can occur. Should a tropical storm or hurricane threaten to form, there is a 36-hour window of heightened awareness called a Hurricane watch. While there are varying degrees of risk during a Hurricane watch, there is a 1-in-3 chance that the center of the watch area will be hit. With odds like that, preparation is a must. Once landfall is eminent, the watch becomes a Hurricane warning. At this point, protective measures should already have been taken.

Know the risks

Hurricanes are fast, and unpredictable. Exactly where the eye of the storm will hit, or how large the damage radius will be is impossible to know for sure. There are, however, resources available from FEMA and Weather Office of Environment Canada that will map and track risk areas.

Put a plan in place and find the right partner to protect you

The sheer size and destructiveness of a hurricane can jeopardize your business records and information, interrupt continuity of your suppliers, and of course, prevent you from maintaining your services to your customers. While there’s nothing you can do to physically move your business out of the path of the storm, you can protect your business records and mission critical information with the right partner.

Iron Mountain has supported more than 250 recovery efforts and 25,000 disaster recovery tests. The companies that use Iron Mountain have a distinct advantage when preparing for hurricanes. With information stored offsite, yet still easily accessible, you may be able to maintain business continuity. Our customers are able to leverage our extensive experience to:

  • Reduce the risk that vital data will be lost
  • Promote timely recovery of important data
  • Prepare your employees to respond quickly when disaster hits
  • Implement best practices across multiple locations
  • Support compliance requirements for safeguarding sensitive data
  • Protect vital information assets
  • Access critical information such as, blueprints, original contracts and land plots