Iron Mountain provides invaluable resources allowing you to prepare for, weather and bounce back from many disruptive events. When you’re protected by Iron Mountain, you can rest assured that when trouble arrives, we’re already in action. Before, during, and after an event.

Being proactive, not reactive, is instrumental to surviving a business disruption. Our customers know that we’re here to help even before an event occurs. We help insure you’re back on your feet as quickly as possible. By working with Iron Mountain to protect and archive business-critical information, your business is already one step ahead of a disruption. However, should a disruption occur, you can expect that Iron Mountain is on the job with:

  • Consolidated Information and Resources — Use this site, and its resources for guidance and emergency event specific information. It is a wealth of information, from one trusted source to help drive business continuity.
  • Business Disruption Alerts — Be prepared for the storm, before the storm. Iron Mountain Alerts will be active for customers whenever there’s a major business disruption event. Whether a hurricane watch, rough winter storm or heavy rains that could lead to flooding, you can access pertinent information, and advice on readying your business for the storm.
  • Getting back to business — A preparedness plan will put you in the best position to get back to business quickly. But when there’s some ground to make up, Iron Mountain customers can rely on us to maintain continuity for the services that we provide to your organization. With critical business information stored off-site, physically or digitally, and communications systems backed up, recovery may be faster than you expect. Even if you’re unable to return to your facility, you can continue to do business with easy remote access to your assets.