L'information... une source de valeur ajoutée pour l'entreprise

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What if you could...

  • Leverage experts in helping you figure out where to focus to drive the greatest business value through your program?
  • Have access to tools to help change the behavior of your users to enforce your policy across your organization?
  • Get guidance on how to build a compliant program while demonstrating hard cost savings?
  • Partner with an industry leader in delivering the right services to fit your unique situation?

Business Challenge

It is overwhelming to identify where you can make the biggest impact and deliver real business value from your Records and Information Management (RIM) program. With records exploding in every format, in every area, knowing where to focus to have a greater impact on your business is a real challenge, especially given limited resources. And like most, your staff spends nine hours a week searching for information they can’t find, costing your company an average of $14,000 per employee. It’s clear that you need answers now.2 Where do you focus your efforts to get the most out of your program? Creating policy is not enough. How can you assure compliance by going beyond policy to connect people to the right behaviors?

How this affects you

  • You may find it impossible to keep up with the growing volume and types of information you have to manage.
  • You want direction on how to improve your program based on your specific needs.
  • You are tasked with so many things but it’s hard to know where to focus to make the biggest impact.
  • You want to secure the sponsorship, resources and funding needed to drive broader adoption of your program.