You create and store a lot of sensitive information, both private and personal. Although your information is safely stored at Iron Mountain, you may be required by regulators to demonstrate proof that you have complete governance over this information.

Only with the Iron Mountain Inventory Governance solution, you’ll be in control of your physical records inventory with ways to prevent and remediate inventory issues so you can prove compliance when it comes time to audit.

You have choices for how you can audit your inventory.

With physical scan, you will receive a systematic, statistically significant check on a random subset of your inventory that accurately represents the total population of cartons stored.

OR With RFID, you can leverage the latest asset tracking technology to perform fast and repeatable audits. And how can you make an already fast process faster? Pre-associate the RFID chip with the barcode and have it pre-applied to your carton. Iron Mountain is the first and only information management company offering you RFID-ready cartons, making it easier for you to achieve complete governance over your inventory.

You are automatically set up for either type of auditing process you choose.

The Iron Mountain difference is the tight integration between our core system of record and RFID application so that data transfers immediately between the systems.

Here’s how it works: the RFID reader picks up the passive antenna embedded in the RFID label.

The reader decodes, transmits to our database, and matches the ID and barcode to verify your cartons are in the correct location. A quick 100% audit will be recorded every time.

With RFID, Iron Mountain can audit a full facility of records in just one day.

Iron Mountain can also perform backfile projects, ensuring that even your legacy cartons will be equipped for fast 100% audits in the future.

For your information coming from another storage location, Iron Mountain can apply RFID labels to incoming cartons.

Executing a solid information management program is a high pressure operation in itself. Only with the Iron Mountain Inventory Governance solution you’ll be compliant, knowing exactly what you are storing and being able to show exactly where it is.