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Peace of mind knowing your data is securely backed up in the cloud, and can be recovered quickly whenever you need it.

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You're under-staffed, under-resourced and under pressure to keep things up and running while helping your organization achieve new business objectives. The rate of data growth is outpacing capacity, and it is more complex and disparate. The cloud enables businesses to modernize IT operations and be more efficient. Organizations need flexible, on-demand capacity to store data, with end-to-end encryption and resiliency to secure business-critical assets, provide data assurance, and help meet compliance requirements. Deploying a reliable cloud backup has never been more vital.
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Iron Cloud Server Backup services provide best-in-class protection of critical data while delivering a resilient, secure environment that will keep your business up and running – at a predictable cost. You can have a flexible solution that manages the backup and recovery processes for your mission-critical data and systems, allowing your staff to focus on the business. Deployed in your onsite environment, Iron Cloud Server Backup stores copies on a local target and in the cloud or to a secondary location. Optional onsite hardware and cloud failover allow you to hit your RTO targets.
Iron Cloud Server Backup Features

Simple, All-in-one Solution

Secure local and cloud backup with optional, integrated hardware—all from a single vendor
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Optional Cloud Failover

Offsite recovery of critical systems—with near-zero downtime
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Extensive Platform Support

x86 and legacy systems including AIX, iSeries, HP-UX and Solaris
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Minimized Data Loss

RPOs as low as 15 minutes and RTOs as low as 2 minutes

Iron Cloud Server Backup Benefits

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Best-in-class automatic backup that ensures easy, fast, and reliable data recovery

Protection of data while delivering a more secure environment that will keep your business safe and secure
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Take the burden off your resources by replacing manual, complex, daily backup chores with an automatic server backup service that ensures easy, fast, and reliable data recovery.
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