Putting the human back in Human Resources.

Eliminate Manual Processes

Much of your time is wasted on tactical and administrative tasks. The manual processes of human resource management prevent you from being able to focus on the critically strategic responsibilities. Focus on a ready-now workforce, not processing employment documents.

Reduce the manual tedium of administrative processes with Workflow AutomationTM powered by Hyland for Human Resources. This automated solution allows you to:

  • Store your employee records in a centralized location and share them with authorized users anywhere, at any time.
  • Use dashboards to monitor your processes and gain powerful insights.
  • Produce and share quantitative metrics about your HR processes.

Additional Workflow Automation Services

worflow automation accounts payable highlight - people working on tablet and documents at table

Accounts Payable

workflow automation accounts receivable highlight - person computer while writing on paper

Accounts Receivable

workflow automation contracts management highlight - woman typing on laptop

Contracts Management

workflow automation digital mailroom highlight - three people looking at computer screen

Digital Mailroom

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