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Iron Mountain’s Healthcare Information Governance (HCIG) framework offers a comprehensive and flexible approach to Information Governance (IG) to cost-effectively:

  • govern all types of information, independent of format/location, in a consistent and coordinated manner
  • secure information across its lifecycle and your ecosystem, including Data and IT Governance
  • address data privacy and integrity, mitigating risks of breach
Iron Mountain HealthCare Information Governance (HCIG) — How It Works

HCIG is an organization-wide framework for managing and leveraging information as a strategic asset through its lifecycle in order to support strategy, regulatory, legal, risk and environment requirements. It’s compromised of 10 organizational competencies and 85+ indicators critical in understanding and advancing your IG maturity across your healthcare organization ecosystem. 

Leveraging the HCIG Framework

Using IGHealthRate™, the industry’s only purpose-built assessment and measurement platform for IG adoption and maturity, you can map your current IG practices, processes and polices against the HCIG framework to assess and evaluate how information is created, used, managed and secured across your organization. You’ll gain greater insight into your current capabilities and establish a baseline for pursuing and measuring meaningful improvement.

Assessing HCIG in Canadian Healthcare Organizations - Digital

Assessing HCIG in Canadian Healthcare Organizations

Need insights to overcome Digital Health implementation obstacles?  Iron Mountain’s Healthcare Information Governance eBook is a must read. You’ll find actionable advice, learn more about the 10 competencies that comprise a solid framework for an IG assessment, and discover how two other healthcare firms benefited from the power of IG.

Why Information Governance for Canadian Healthcare?

Canadian Healthcare organizations are at a pivotal transition point with digital health adoption. The volume of records and information — and the formats in which they are stored — have grown dramatically. As a result,  storage costs have increased, access and retrieval times have gotten longer, care across jurisdictional ecosystems has become siloed and the risk of noncompliance with both internal policies and external regulations has grown greater.

At the same time, shrinking budgets, greater demand on metrics and targets, data science and artificial intelligence initiatives and Provincial reform environments have only exacerbated the problem. Still, the demand to provide critical care exists. Canadian Healthcare organizations have no choice but to do more with less.

To solve these challenges and achieve greater efficiencies and cost-savings, Canadian Healthcare organizations should assess their processes and practices in information management, both in regards to physical and digital records, against a strategic Information Governance adoption model (HCIG).

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With IGHealthRate™, you’ll take a crucial first step in understanding and advancing your IG maturity so you can leverage information as a strategic asset to deliver:

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Improved patient outcomes

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Data-driven decision-making

Compliance and security risk mitigation

Leveraging clinical, financial and administrative information for analytics/InSights 

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Streamlined business processes, improved productivity and reduced operating costs

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·       Value-based Care and Population Health readiness

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Learn more about how the IGHealthRateTM Tool can help deliver enhanced patient care while reducing risks and cost.